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Rigid ankle brace VALFIT with joint and foot support 1SS Orliman

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правий D/2 (розмір взуття S/1 38-40)
правий D/3 (розмір взуття M/3 41-43)
правий D/4 (розмір взуття L/4 44-46)
лівий L/2 (розмір взуття S/2 38-40)
лівий L/3 (розмір взуття M/3 41-43)
лівий L/4 (розмір взуття L/4 44-46)
Правый D/1 (Размер обуви XS/1 35-37)
лівий L/1 (розмір взуття XS/1 35-37)
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The 1SS Orliman brace consists of two plates in the medial and outer ankle area made of durable plastic, a hinge and a plate under the heel. Inside, the orthosis is made of soft polymer material, which perfectly adapts to the anatomical features of the ankle joint, evenly distributes pressure inside the orthosis. Fixation straps with innovative micro-velcro allow you to securely fix the orthosis on the leg, as well as adjust the degree of fixation of the orthosis at different stages of rehabilitation.

Features :

• Durable plastic frame provides strong stability.

• The material inside the orthosis has a memory effect, evenly distributes pressure, does not cause allergic reactions.

• Straps with reliable micro-velcro fasteners securely fix the orthosis.

• The hinge provides only flexion and extension in the ankle joint, does not allow pronation and supination of the foot.

Purpose :

• After surgical interventions, as a conservative therapy.

• Dislocations subluxations of the ankle joint.

• Damage to the ligaments of the ankle joint.

• Chronic instability of the ankle joint. Divided into right/left

Divided into right/left

Dimensions (shoes) :

XS/1 S/2 M/3 L/4
35-37 38-40 41-43 44-46
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