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The choice of sanitary ware. Part two.


Plumbing. A difficult choice. Part two.

The toilet is an irreplaceable object, which recently performs not only a utilitarian function, but also a design one. The toilet is usually the smallest part of the room. Important parameters for a toilet are width, length and height. All these parameters must correspond to all family members. Recently, there have been toilets with silent descent, smooth lowering of the seat and even with built-in electronics. Hanging models of toilets, which have an original design and take up less space, are very popular. However, such toilets require special installation and a professional approach.

Bide used to be considered a luxury and an additional accessory. Now, this device has become indispensable in many homes. The bidet is convenient to use not only for its intended purpose, but also for all kinds of hygienic needs, for example, during the collection process.
Bidet can also be suspended or floor. A hanging bidet visually takes up less space and looks more modern.

New plumbing fixtures have become an integral part of modern renovation. Thanks to these innovative complexes, all communications remain hidden and ensure reliability in the installation of various suspended equipment.

Hydromassage baths are luxury, convenience, comfort. Hydromassage baths allow you to arrange healing and relaxing water treatments at home. Depending on the configuration, a hydromassage bath can include a sauna, aromatherapy, hydromassage and various types of shower procedures. Many models of hydromassage baths are equipped with beautiful lighting and various electronic elements (radio, telephone and even the Internet). There are many types of hydromassage baths: from economical to prestigious and luxury.
Large companies always have a wide range of plumbing equipment at their disposal. In addition, such companies always have competent employees who will help you choose sanitary ware that meets all your requirements.

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