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The choice of sanitary ware Part one.


Plumbing. A difficult choice. Part one.

In the modern world, plumbing takes almost the first place in the list of repair works.
The bathroom is not only a place for hygienic procedures, but also a place of solitude. Therefore, for many, design and convenience in the bathroom play an important role.
We try to combine convenience, rational use of space, price, quality and beauty into one, because the longevity of using sanitary ware depends on these factors, and the enjoyment of spending time in this small (most often) space.

So, the bath. The bathtub is the most traditional item in the bathroom. On the modern market, the assortment of bathrooms is so rich that you can spend a lot of time choosing it. However, it is quite simple to know some features when choosing.
The classic cast-iron bath still occupies a leading place in terms of stability, durability and temperature maintenance. The disadvantage of a cast-iron bath is its bulkiness and massiveness.
A steel bath is much lighter and smaller than a cast-iron one, however, it cools down very quickly.
An acrylic bath is a modern bath that can be of any shape, color and size. In addition, acrylic baths can be equipped with hydromassage equipment. The disadvantage of an acrylic bath is its sensitivity. It requires careful treatment without the use of any aggressive and abrasive substances.

There is a shower in every bathroom. You may not have a bath, but you are unlikely to give up a shower.
The market is full of a huge variety of souls. They can differ in terms of construction (flexible on a hose, upper fixed or wall fixed). Many people prefer to purchase a shower system rather than installing an entire shower cabin. Firstly, it is much cheaper, and secondly, the presence of a shower does not exclude the possibility of having a bathroom, which in the conditions of a standard bathroom is often an alternative choice.

The faucet regulates the temperature of the water, and recently also participates in the design of the bathroom. In addition, the faucet is the most stressed plumbing equipment. Therefore, the choice of mixers should be approached with all seriousness. If you choose the faucet correctly, it will serve you for many years and will not require a plumber to be called. Modern faucets delight with their luxurious design for every taste.

Sinks have taken the leading place in the bathroom, thanks to their simple but convenient design. At one point, the sinks began to disappear from the bathrooms, for reasons of saving space, but they soon returned there. It is much more convenient to wash your hands and wash your hands above the bathtub. Sinks also abound in a variety of shapes and designs. Like bathtubs, sinks can be made of different materials.
The choice is always yours. But in any case, you can always consult with specialists about any sanitary ware element and choose the best "bouquet" of price, quality and design for you.

In the next article, we will talk about toilets, the toilet and other elements of the plumbing world.

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