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Trekking pole Vipole Walker QL 100 Black (S20 21)

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Trekking pole Vipole Walker QL 100 Black (S20 21) is recommended for the elderly as an additional point of support during hiking, as well as for people with impaired functions of the musculoskeletal system. Also, this model will be preferred by those tourists who are more accustomed to the upper grip and who want to have the most reliable foothold. The sections of the pole are made of the strongest aluminum alloy Alu 7075. The Quick Lock locking system guarantees the convenience of changing the length of the telescopic pole, even when its surface is wet or if you are wearing winter gloves. The tungsten carbide tip has sufficient hardness and high wear resistance. This model, although not specialized for difficult hikes, there is no doubt that the stick's safety margin is enough not only for leisurely walks, but also for full-fledged trekking over rough terrain.


  • Alu 7075 - aluminum is the best material for making sections of trekking poles. It is durable, well suited to the mechanical requirements for the production of various components, and last but not least, it is environmentally friendly as it is completely recyclable. Vipole uses exclusively Alu 7075-F56 aluminum alloy, which is widely used in aircraft construction. To guarantee protection against external factors, all aluminum components undergo an anodizing process, which makes them resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

  • Thin Shaft 12/14/16 mm - this technology makes it possible to produce trekking poles with a reduced section diameter without sacrificing strength characteristics: 12/14/16 mm instead of the usual 14/16/18 mm. This is achieved through the use of modern materials Alu 7075-F56 and 100% HM Carbon. Such trekking poles are better balanced, sway less when walking, have low wind resistance and at the same time provide weight savings of up to 15%.

  • QuickLock is an external eccentric locking system for telescopic pole sections with aluminum clips, which has a number of undeniable advantages. QuickLock allows you to quickly change the length of the telescopic pole on slopes or inclines. The convenience of this system is noticeable in the rain, when the sections of the telescopic pole are wet and can slip in your hands. In conditions of subzero temperatures, the eccentric lever has a comfortable grip and does not freeze to the stick, and adjustment can be made even without removing thick winter gloves, while the lever fixation force is set by the user. At the same time, the manufacturer also left the internal TwistLock collet in the design. Aluminum clips are more compact and durable than plastic clips. Thus, even with involuntary unfastening or breakage of the external fixator, the stick will continue to perform its functions, thanks to the internal fixation system.

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