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TLCHF-FP Capillary membrane in a housing under the sink for filters FP2-HJ and FP3-HJ

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TLCHF-FP is a capillary membrane based on a white inline body with a 1/4” female connection. TLCHF-FP is compatible with most kitchen sink systems available on the market. Removes rust, sand, sediment and other mechanical impurities (as well as some bacteria and viruses) from water. The capillary membrane TLCHF-FP is made of polypropylene fibers (capillary). There are holes in the capillaries, the diameter of which decreases from the outside to the inside of the fiber. Large particles of dirt are retained on the outside of the capillaries (surface filtration), smaller particles are retained inside the holes (depth filtration). Capillary filtration is an alternative to osmotic filtration. The capillary membrane does not remove minerals from the water. The membrane filters 100% of the incoming water (filtration without discharging water into the sewer). TLCHF-FP is designed to filter cold drinking water and domestic water. The membrane must not be used for micro-biologically contaminated water and of unknown origin.

Water ultrafiltration (UF) is a filtration process that uses standard house water pressure to force water through its semi-permeable membrane. Ultrafiltration (UV) removes viruses, bacteria as well as suspended particles from your drinking water. High molecular weight particles and materials cannot pass through the 0.01 µm UF membrane, so only fresh water and dissolved minerals pass through. The UV membrane also has chemical resistance to oxidizing agents and chlorine. Ultrafiltration (UV) uses a porous membrane to remove bacteria and viruses while retaining minerals. The UV system is a waste-free alternative to reverse osmosis that delivers clean water faster and more efficiently. In addition, hollow fiber UF membranes leave beneficial minerals intact. ACS-7 membranes are designed for filtering cold drinking water.

The ultra filtration water system keeps the good minerals in your water without creating waste water. Ultrafiltration treatment is done at low water pressure, does not require a separate water tank, does not change the pH of your water, and does not require electricity. The UV membrane is stable over a wide range of pH levels. Historically, ultrafiltration has been used in large urban wastewater treatment plants and hospitals; however, thanks to technological advances, you can now install a powerful under-sink water filtration system in your home.

Because the filtration flow in our hollow fiber UF channel is from outside to inside, contaminants from the feed will accumulate on the outside of the fibers, similar to the cartridge filter that is familiar to all water purification methods. The purified water will flow through the center of the hollow fiber collected at the top of each hollow fiber tube. Filtration flow TLCHF / 27.45 inside out.

Membrane advantages :

- Does not remove minerals from water.

- Filtration without discharging water into the sewer.

- Removes mechanical impurities (as well as some bacteria and viruses).

- Suitable for most kitchen sink systems available on the market.

Technical data :

• Article number TLCHF-FP.

• Dimensions (inch) 2.5" x 12".

• Micronage (µm) 0.02.

• Maximum working pressure (bar) 3.5.

• Operating temperature °C 2-42.

• entrance / exit (inch) 1/41.

• Service life (months) 6-12.

1) BP-internal thread.

2) The service life of the membrane depends on the degree of contamination of the filtered water.

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