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Sleeping bag Wechsel Dreamcatcher 10° L TL Legion Blue Left (232006)


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There are no perfect sleeping bags, but in the absolute majority of cases, the Wechsel Dreamcatcher 0 ° L will satisfy all your needs for both camping and hiking. With a light weight and compact dimensions in the compression case, the Wechsel Dreamcatcher 0 ° L is one of the most spacious bags, has a body-comfortable cotton lining, a lot of structural details that protect against the cold, and provides more than enough thermal insulation for mountain hikes from mid-spring until mid-autumn.

Travel Line

If you do not make it your exclusive goal to purchase the lightest equipment, or equipment that will be used in the most extreme conditions, but prefer functional and convenient equipment, then the Wechsel Travel Line equipment line will definitely attract your attention. When developing the Travel Line series sleeping bags, the main attention was paid to the comfort of use, as well as providing sufficient space for freedom of movement during rest. It is important that all temperature regimes of Wechsel sleeping bags of the Travel Line line are given in accordance with the European standard EN13537 , which is a guarantee of the declared thermal insulation characteristics.


  • Bag shape: cocoon
  • Seasonality: summer
  • Comfort temperature (T Comfort): 15°C
  • Comfort limit temperature (T Limit): 10°C
  • Extreme temperature (T Extreme): 0°C
  • Outer material: Polyester 210T Ripstop DWR PFC-Free (a synthetic material without the content of harmful PFC-substances, which has a high density and does not pass the insulation fibers to the outside, is characterized by high tear resistance due to the structure of the Ripstop weave, and has water-repellent properties due to the hydrophobic impregnation of DWR )
  • Inner material: Polyester Brushed - 65% / Cotton - 35% (breathable material consisting of hygienic cotton, which perfectly absorbs moisture and is the most comfortable for the body, and polyester, which provides the necessary strength, and its Brushed structure makes the material m what and pleasant to the touch)
  • Filling: Hollowfibre - 60% / Polyester - 40% (synthetic insulation, which is characterized by an excellent ratio of thermal insulation properties to its own weight, and also has minimal residual deformation. Hollow microfibers absorb and transfer moisture to the outer material of the sleeping bag. The insulation maintains the necessary thermal insulation 'em, and effective even in a wet state)
  • Lightning: left, bilateral
  • Color: Legion Blue (blue)


  • The temperature characteristics of the sleeping bag are given in accordance with the European standard EN13537 and the international standard EN ISO 23537 , which allow you to be sure of the level of thermal insulation, and to compare the thermal insulation characteristics of sleeping bags specified according to these standards.
  • PFC-Free : the manufacturer does not use harmful polyfluorinated and perfluorinated compounds in the water-repellent impregnation.
  • The shape of the cocoon more accurately follows the contours of the body, allowing to achieve better thermal insulation and lower weight of the sleeping bag compared to the rectangular shape.
  • L -sized sleeping bags have an increased length and width, which allow people of full build and height up to 205 cm to fit more comfortably in the sleeping bag, gaining significantly more space for movement during sleep.
  • The wedge-shaped stitching after 22-25 cm firmly keeps the insulation evenly distributed over the entire area of the sleeping bag and guarantees the absence of "gaps" in the insulation.
  • The outer and inner material are sewn with insulation with independent seams that do not touch and do not create a bridge of cold.
  • The hood tie will minimize heat loss, leaving the necessary space for air access.
  • In the neck area, there is a three-dimensional collar, which is closed with plastic buttons, adjusted with a tie and creates an additional heat-insulating barrier that prevents the penetration of cold air inside the sleeping bag.
  • The zipper is equipped with two locks, the upper one of which is double-sided. In this way, the zipper can be conveniently opened and closed both from the outside and from the inside, allowing you to also open the bottom of the sleeping bag for ventilation.
  • The insulating board, located along the entire perimeter of the zipper, prevents the penetration of cold air, significantly reducing heat loss.
  • The bottom of the sleeping bag and 25 cm of its lower part have an additional layer of insulation to improve thermal insulation of the leg area.
  • The tape sewn along the entire perimeter of the zipper prevents the material from being pinched in the zipper.
  • The inner pocket on the textile Velcro fastener is designed for small items
  • A strong compression cover made of Polyester 210T Ripstop DWR allows you to halve the volume of the packed sleeping bag and also protects it from getting wet in light rain. The upper and lower parts of the cover have a polyurethane waterproof coating. The case is equipped with YNS plastic fittings.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Dimensions (Length x Shoulder Width x Leg Width): 225 x 85 x 60 cm
  • Weight of sleeping bag: 1200 g
  • Folded dimensions (packaging dimensions): 37 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Packaged weight: 1310 g

Complete set:

  • Sleeping bag - 1 pc.
  • Compression cover - 1 pc.

Features of operation and care to extend the period of use:

  • Hand wash or machine wash at a temperature of 30ºC with the use of delicate detergents is allowed.
  • To preserve the water-repellent properties of the fabric, it is recommended to add special means to restore the hydrophobic coating when washing.
  • When washing in a machine, it is recommended to spin at a minimum speed.
  • Bleaching and chemical cleaning of the product is prohibited
  • The sleeping bag must be stored in a ventilated dry room, preferably without a cover
  • Proper care of the sleeping bag is recommended according to the information on the product label.

Manufacturer: Wechsel (Germany)

Warranty period: 2 years

  • Color: i
  • Guarantee:
    24 months
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