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Removing makeup is easier than you thought!


Removing makeup is easier than you thought!

Two-phase eye makeup remover.
One stroke, and your skin is absolutely clean!
The first phase of the product, containing oils with a mild effect, removes even waterproof makeup, the second phase - gently cleanses, effectively moisturizes and soothes the skin, turning eye makeup removal into a real pleasure.

The tool instantly removes even persistent eye makeup. Gently cleanses the delicate skin around the eyes, softening and moisturizing it. Water lily extract and a unique vitamin complex additionally care for the skin of the eyelids and have a rejuvenating effect. Does not cause irritation, suitable for contact lens wearers. Perfectly prepares the skin for applying cream or serum. The product has undergone dermatological control and is approved by ophthalmologists.

How to use : apply to a cotton pad and apply to closed eyelids for a few seconds. Remove makeup with soft movements.

Composition : vitamin complex, water lily extract.

Does not contain surfactants, emulsifiers and slurries, does not leave an unpleasant film. Suitable even for very sensitive skin and can be used when wearing contact lenses.

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Juvena Clarifying Cleansing Foam (73120) 200 ml tube

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