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Tripod Vanguard VEO 3+ 263CB (VEO 3+ 263CB)


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Vanguard is proud to introduce the first VEO 3+ multi-position center column tripod, which is the result of years of in-house design experience and feedback from photographers around the world. The MACC multi-position column is used for mounting additional equipment, ease of panning, is used as a component of a monopod, and most importantly, it allows you to change the actual shooting height from 172 cm to 0 cm, providing unprecedented opportunities for macro photography.

The VEO 3+ 263CB is a premium three-section tripod equipped with a removable ball head with two bubble levels and an Arca-Swiss standard mount. The QS-60V2 tripod platform is also included with the head, and the Arca-Swiss standard will allow the use of almost any tripod platforms from other manufacturers that have a dovetail mounting profile. One of the legs of the tripod is detached and combined with the central column transforms into a monopod. The tripod leg sections are very light, as they are made of carbon fiber. Sections are quickly fixed using Quick-twist Lock clamps. Each of the legs received an ergonomic system of fixing the angle of inclination, where the locking button is located exactly where the thumb is when setting the angle of the legs. Each of the legs has both rubber non-slip feet and steel spikes for slippery surfaces. The rubber feet are removed, and spikes are screwed in their place.

The tripod itself also has a bubble level and threads for cantilever mounting of additional equipment. All the most important parts are made of stainless corrosion-resistant carbon steel grades SUS303, SUS304, 1018. The multi-position column is made of aluminum alloy Alu 6063-T5, while the screws and clips of the clamps, as well as the ball head, are made of stronger, so so-called aviation aluminum, brand Alu 6061-T6.

The set includes a steel hook that screws into the central column and serves to balance the tripod. Also, a nice bonus will be the VEO + MA1 adapter for mounting on the multi-position column of additional equipment. The tripod, together with the accessories, is placed in a protective case, which can be conveniently carried in the hands, thanks to the double handle, or on the shoulder, thanks to the wide strap.

Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC). Vanguard was the first to equip tripods with a multi-position center column (MACC). A multi-position column simultaneously provides variability and stability. Unlike standard solutions, where the central column rises/lowers in height, or is transferred to horizontal mode and rotates in one plane, the MACC multi-position central column rotates in three planes by 360 ° and can be fixed in almost any opening position new opportunities for macro shooting and at the same time provides an instant transformation into a position for panoramic shooting. Changing the position of the column from vertical to horizontal does not require disassembling the tripod, and can even be done with the camera attached. Also, the MACC multi-position column, transferred to a horizontal position, is intended for mounting additional equipment, such as a second camera, smartphone, microphone, monitor, lighting equipment, spyglass, etc. For this purpose, the tripod is equipped with a VEO + MA1 adapter.

Double Anodizing and Diamond Cut. The technology of double anodizing and diamond cutting is used by the Vanguard company in the production of tripods, including to give the parts an aesthetic appearance, but above all to protect against corrosion, scratches and to reduce the force of friction between the parts. Type III double anodized surfaces remain resistant to scratches by metal objects and corrosion even after contact with more aggressive environments, including salty seawater. Giving the friction surfaces an exact shape and a mirror shine reduces the force of friction to a minimum and prevents the appearance of backlashes and gaps, which is especially important when shooting in motion.

Ergonomic design. Vanguard does not adhere to the traditional round shape of clamps and clamps, because applying too much force to lock the tripod is uncomfortable, especially in the cold or when the fingers are wet. Vanguard has designed its ergonomically shaped locking components to be user-friendly. Clamps, where the tripod configuration does not allow for an ergonomic shape, have a deep profiled coating or rubber inserts for optimal contact during use. At first glance, this may seem like a small thing, but with regular use of the tripod, it is extremely important, and it is in such small things that the company's concern for users lies.

Carbon Fiber. The weight of the tripod and the stability of the tripod are among its most important characteristics. Carbon fiber (carbon fiber) is a modern technological material consisting of ultra-thin polymer fibers (7 microns), which are laid by multi-layer weaving at different angles. Carbon fiber is characterized by a high modulus of elasticity (at the level of steel) and a low specific weight (one and a half times less than that of aluminum alloys). Tripod leg sections made of carbon fiber perfectly absorb vibrations, have significant bending stiffness, are not prone to corrosion and provide low weight and the necessary stability of the tripod.

In 2021, the Vanguard VEO 3+ 263CB tripod was rated "VERY GOOD" by the German print and online publication Digital Photo. According to the test results, the tripod received 5 stars for functionality, 4.5 stars for ergonomics and build quality, and 4 stars for durability.

In 2020, the Vanguard VEO 3+ 263CB tripod received the highest recommendation from the British print and online publication ePHOTOzine according to the test results

The main characteristics of the tripod:

  • Tripod type: floor
  • Type of head: removable, spherical
  • Number of sections: 3
  • Section lock type: Quick-twist Lock collet type clamp (withstands an axial load of up to 100 kg per section)
  • Diameter of leg sections, mm: 26, 23, 20
  • The presence of a central multi-turn column with a scale
  • Tripod material: carbon fiber (carbon)
  • Maximum load, kg: 15
  • Maximum shooting height, cm: 172.5
  • Minimum shooting height, cm: 12.5 (thanks to the multi-rotation system of the central column, the minimum shooting height is not limited)
  • The height of the tripod with the central column in the lower position, cm: 146.5
  • Can be used as a monopod
  • Maximum shooting height when used as a monopod, cm: 182.5
  • Minimum shooting height when used as a monopod, cm: 100.5
  • Tripod length when folded, cm: 76
  • Bubble level of the horizon on a tripod: 1 pc

Additional characteristics of the tripod:

  • VEO + MA1 adapter with 1/4 - 20 UNC thread and spring-loaded stopper for mounting on the central column of the second camera or other equipment
  • Fixing angle of tripod leg opening: 23°, 50°, 80°
  • Non-slip pads made of polymer rubber NBR50 on two legs for easy grip (the material is stable at temperatures from -40°C to + 100°C)
  • The presence of a thread for attaching a console holder for additional equipment
  • Removable hook for hanging cargo and stabilizing the tripod
  • Bubble level on a tripod: 1 pc
  • Diameter of the upper platform, mm: 58
  • Top Platform Thread: 3/8 - 16 UNC with 1/4 - 20 UNC Adapter

Characteristics of the head:

  • Head model: VEO BH-160
  • Head type: ball
  • Support for the Arca-Swiss mounting standard
  • Ball diameter, mm: 33
  • Platform diameter, mm: 58
  • Tripod platform: QS-60V2 (Arca-Swiss standard)
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Side inclination: from -91° to 35°
  • Bubble level: 2 pcs
  • Head dimensions, mm: 95x82x82
  • Head weight, g: 435

Complete set:

  • Tripod
  • VEO BH-160 head
  • Tripod platform QS-60 V2
  • Adapter VEO + MA1
  • Spikes on legs: 3 pcs
  • Spring loaded hook
  • Case with inner pocket, handles and shoulder strap for storage and transportation
  • Hexagon key: 2 pcs

Overall dimensions:

  • Dimensions without packaging, mm: 760x135x115
  • Dimensions in the package, mm: 793x158x128
  • Weight without packaging, kg: 2.13
  • Packaged weight, kg: 3.6

Warranty period: 2 years

Manufacturer: Vanguard (USA)

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