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Microfiber towel Uquip Agility 120x180 cm Gray (247320)


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The Uquip Agility Microfiber Towel comes complete with a soft slipcover and is the perfect quick drying towel for sports, tourism, travel and the beach. The modern generation wants to use their time as efficiently as possible, without spending it on a long selection of accessories, trusting proven brands. The German brand Uquip is just such a brand that creates special products for outdoor activities. The functionality of every detail, thought out to the smallest detail, makes everyday Uquip products special. That's what makes the Uquip Agility microfiber towel so special.

A microfiber towel dries quickly and has minimal weight and dimensions when folded, which is undoubtedly a big plus and a huge difference between this type of towel and ordinary terry towels. At the same time, the towel instantly absorbs a large amount of moisture (4 times its weight), is easily wrung dry by hand, does not absorb odors and dirt. In addition, microfiber is a very pleasant to the touch material.

The soft zipper cover is made of dense EVA foam that does not absorb moisture. The cover has special ventilation holes that allow the towel to dry completely while already in the cover. And, at the same time, a wet towel placed in a cover will not leave other things in a bag or backpack wet. Thus, there is no need to waste time waiting for the towel to dry 100%. It is enough to squeeze it slightly, put it in a case and be ready for new things.


  • The dimensions of the towel when unfolded: 120x180 cm.
  • Color: Gray (dark gray with print)
  • Material: microfiber (polyester 80%, polyamide 20%)
  • Towel weight: 435 g.


  • soft and pleasant fabric, reminiscent of high-quality soft suede to the touch;
  • quickly absorbs moisture and dirt particles;
  • hygroscopic - able to absorb moisture four times more than its own weight;
  • it breathes perfectly, which means it dries easily and is well ventilated;
  • wear-resistant - withstands from 300 to 500 cycles of delicate washing without changing color and shape;
  • hypoallergenic - the structure of the fabric prevents the appearance of microorganisms in it.

Features of the material and the principle of its operation:

Microfiber is an ultra-thin synthetic fiber with a thickness of 1 denier (no more than 0.06 mm in diameter), which contains synthetic fibers of polyester and polyamide. The polyamide (nylon) base is produced by the method of extrusion (squeezing through special forms of the extruder), and has the shape of an octagonal star in cross-section. Next, the polyamide fiber is lowered into the molten polyester, after which, as a result of cooling, the polyester fibers are separated from the polyamide, forming many micropores and microchannels, which distinguishes microfiber from other fibers we are used to.

To understand the principle of operation of microfiber, it is worth looking at its cross-section. Compared to natural fibers, which usually look like a circle, microfiber fibers are star-shaped. These micro-grooves perfectly absorb, retain, and release moisture and dirt when squeezed.

In addition to high hygroscopicity and breathability, microfiber, with proper care, is a durable material, as it contains strong polyamide at the base, which makes this material the most technologically advanced for the production of quick-drying sports towels.

Washing and care of the towel:

In order for a microfiber towel to retain its unique properties as long as possible and serve for many years, it needs proper care:

  • For machine washing, it is recommended to use a delicate mode, a liquid detergent for delicate fabrics and a temperature not higher than 40°C. Due to the fact that microfiber is a synthetic material and accumulates static electricity, it is recommended to machine wash the towel with other synthetic products, adding fabric softener.
  • When washing by hand, in case of significant contamination, it is recommended to use pre-soaking for 60 minutes. For soaking and washing, the water temperature should not exceed 40°C. It is recommended to use gel products for delicate things. When soaking the product, you can add fabric softener or 2 tablespoons of baking soda to get rid of static electricity. After washing, it is recommended to rinse the product in water at room temperature in several stages.
  • The product can be spun in a washing machine or by hand. After wringing, it is recommended to dry the product in the open air or indoors on a clothes dryer, away from sources of heat and fire.
  • It is forbidden to iron the product, as well as to use bleaches and stain removers when washing, as this can lead to damage to the product.
  • Before washing or cleaning, it is recommended to read the label on the product to ensure proper product care.

Complete set:

  • Towel
  • Case-cover made of EVA foam with a zipper

Overall dimensions and weight:

  • Dimensions without packaging, mm: 1200x1800
  • Dimensions in the package, mm: 230x130x90
  • Weight without packaging, kg: 0.435
  • Packaged weight, kg: 0.520

Warranty period: 2 years

Manufacturer: Uquip (Germany)

  • Color: i
    dark grey
  • Material:
  • Type of:
  • Country of origin of goods:
  • Delivery:
    new post
  • Guarantee:
    24 months
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