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Electric pump HotFrost A22

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The HotFrost A22 pump is designed for filling water at room temperature from bottles of 19 liters and smaller. The pump is powered by a built-in battery.

Pump recommendations:
- to inflate the liquid, press the " power " symbol of the button on the pump body;
- control the amount of pumped fluid to avoid overflow;
- to inflate one portion (≈ 150 - 200 ml), press the button on the pump body on the inscription "200 ml ";

Recommendations for assembling and installing the pump on the bottle:
- squeeze out the central shut-off valve in the cork of the bottle;
- connect the submersible flexible hose to the pump housing;
- put the hose into the water bottle through the bottle cap valve hole;
- put the pump on the neck of the bottle directly on the cork;
- to pump liquid , press the button on the pump body;
- control the amount of pumped liquid to avoid overflow;
- to remove the pump from the bottle, pull the pump vertically upwards from the bottle;
- when installing and removing the pump , do not apply excessive force;

Complete set: for mpa, g and bk and th hose , usb cable.
USB cable length: 99 cm.
Hose length: 60 cm.

Power ( W ): 4
Input voltage (V): 5
Input current (A): 1-2
Battery capacity (mA): 1200

Productivity (l/min): 1.6
Pumped volume from a full battery charge (l): 80

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