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Spotting scope Athlon Ares G2 UHD 20-60x85/45 (312008)


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When details are extremely important, you should choose the Athlon Ares G2 UHD spyglass. Whether you are a sports shooter and want to observe the ballistic trajectory of a bullet at a distance of more than 1000 meters, or you are interested in ornithology and watch birds on the horizon, or even if you are interested in astronomy, the Athlon Ares G2 UHD binoculars with apochromatic lens will provide perfect image quality even at maximum magnification.

Numerous technological improvements implemented by the company in this model put the Athlon Ares G2 UHD 20-60x85/45 spotting scope in the upper echelon of premium optical devices. The apochromatic lens with the inclusion of UHD-glass with ultra-low dispersion provides a perfectly clear image transmission without color and geometric distortions. The high quality of image transmission is also ensured thanks to advanced multi-layer illumination of each optical surface Advanced Fully Multi-Coating , phase-correcting and highly reflective dielectric ESP coating of the prism made of high-quality BAK4 optical glass.

At high magnification and close proximity, the quality and geometry of optical elements, as well as ergonomics, become much more important. The Athlon Ares G2 UHD 20-60x85/45 spyglass has an increased lens diameter compared to the standard, a large eyepiece diameter, which provides both significant light power and higher comfort during long-term observations. The large diameter of the spiral focuser and the zoom ring and their smooth rotation without the slightest backlash allow you to quickly and accurately adjust the image clarity and magnification without disturbing the stability of image transmission during observations.

A high level of protection is provided by the use of reliable rubber equipment of the case, sealed according to the IPX7 waterproof class, and blown with inert argon to prevent fogging from the inside, as well as the protective hydrophobic coating of the XPL Protective Coating lens, which prevents the accumulation of water, oils, dirt, and the appearance of scratches. A large retractable hood reliably protects the lens from sunlight and precipitation.

Ease of use is also facilitated by a fully rotating clamp with a tripod mount. The clamp has intermediate fixed positions every 45º for intuitive and more accurate positioning of the pipe on the tripod. And the mount itself allows you to install the pipe on tripods with quick-release systems such as Manfrotto and Arca-Swiss. The kit comes with a soft field cover, with which you can use the pipe mounted on a tripod without removing the cover. Each Athlon Ares G2 UHD 20-60x85/45 spotting scope has a serial number to better ensure the quality control process.

APO . The use of apochromatic lenses in binoculars is quite expensive, but the most effective means of eliminating color and geometric distortions of the image caused by the passage of the visible light spectrum through the lenses. An apochromatic lens is a gluing of three glass lenses with different optical characteristics. Such a lens completely equalizes the focal length for the three colors of the light spectrum and significantly corrects the focusing of the secondary spectrum. In this way, it is possible to get rid of chromatic aberration, spherical aberration, and significantly affect the reduction of comatic aberration and field curvature.

UHD Glass . UHD glass with ultra-low dispersion is used in the lenses of this binocular, which radically distinguishes this model from binoculars with achromatic lenses made of ordinary glass. UHD glass provides almost the same angle of refraction of light in the entire visible spectrum, due to which there is almost no light scattering when light passes through the lenses, and it is possible to minimize or even get rid of chromatic aberration (color distortion), and achieve the most clear and contrast transmission of the image.

Advanced Fully Multi-Coated . This scope has improved full multi-illumination optics, which means that every surface of the optical system is coated with a broadband multi-layer illuminant coating. Such multi-layer illumination largely prevents the reflection of light in the entire visible spectrum. By doing this, it is possible to achieve more than 99% light transmission through each optical surface, which results in high image brightness, natural color rendering and the ability to conduct observations more effectively at dusk.

XPL Protective Coating . An additional layer of the external protective hydrophobic coating of the objective lenses, which provides extra protection against accidental scratches, the accumulation of dirt, oils and water drops on the lenses. Thanks to this coating, when using the binoculars in the rain, it will be enough just to vigorously shake the tube to remove all the drops from the lens and then continue observing effectively. It is also easy to remove oil drops and dirt from the lens, and much more difficult to damage the lens glass.

BAK4 . In order to get rid of significant light losses in the rotating prism system, this model uses high-density optical glass prisms BAK4 (barite crown). This glass has a higher refractive index, which allows you to minimize light loss and obtain a perfectly round exit pupil with an equally bright image from edge to edge, avoiding vignetting (the visible darkening of the image due to the truncation of the light beam at the periphery of the exit pupil).

ESP Dielectric Coating . Modern peepholes with a prismatic construction of the Roof of the Schmidt-Pehan system necessarily require a reflective coating to be applied to one of the surfaces of the prism. The dielectric highly reflective ESP coating (as opposed to aluminum or silver) is considered the most effective, reflecting more than 99% of the light that hits it. Only such a coating can provide the highest light transmission capacity and brightness of image transmission through the tube. This type of coating is quite expensive, so it is used exclusively in high-class optics.

Waterproof. Regardless of whether you got caught in a heavy downpour or accidentally dropped the spyglass into a body of water, the level of protection of this model allows you to be sure that moisture will not get inside and nothing will happen to the pipe. After all, this pipe is sealed, sealed with rubber O-rings, and has a protection class against moisture ingress of IPX7, which means resistance to moisture ingress when submerged to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Fogproof (Argon Purged) . This model is completely protected from internal fogging due to sudden temperature changes. The body of the spyglass is blown from the inside with argon, which excludes the possibility of oxygen or water vapor being found inside the tube, which could condense on the glass or cause corrosion of the metal parts of the body. The use of argon is more expensive compared to nitrogen purging, but argon is an inert gas that does not react with the environment even at high temperatures, unlike oxygen.

Magnesium Body . A special alloy of magnesium, aluminum and a number of other alloying metals with a small weight has a strength 40-50 percent higher than traditional aluminum alloys used in the production of optical instrument housings. Spotting scopes made of magnesium alloy are not only more reliable and durable, but also have an excellent appearance thanks to the precision processing of magnesium bodies.

Optical characteristics:

  • Magnification: 20x - 60x
  • Lens diameter, mm: 85
  • The size of the exit pupil, mm: 4.25 - 1.42
  • Departure of the exit pupil, mm: 19.5 - 18
  • Light force: 18.06 - 2.02
  • Twilight factor: 41.23 - 71.41
  • Minimum focusing distance, m: 12
  • Field of view, m / 1000 m: 33 - 16
  • Angular field of vision, °: 1.9 - 0.9

Design features:

  • Optical node: at an angle of 45º
  • Optical design: rotating Roof prism
  • Lenses: apochromatic UHD glass lenses with ultra-low dispersion, with improved full multi-layer illumination (Advanced Fully Multi-Coated) and a protective hydrophobic coating (XPL Protective Coating)
  • Prisms: BAK4 with phase-correcting coating and proprietary dielectric reflective coating ESP Dielectric Coating
  • Water resistance: 100% waterproof case
  • Protection against fogging: thanks to the tightness and filling of the housing with argon
  • Focusing: large spiral focuser in the central position
  • Zooming: with a ring on the eyepiece
  • Body: magnesium alloy with profiled anti-slip rubber coating
  • A twist-up eyeglass frame of the Twist-Up type with three fixed positions
  • Protective hood: prevents raindrops and sun glare from entering the lens
  • The housing rotates in the tripod collar 360º to set a convenient viewing angle
  • Can be attached directly to a Manfrotto and Arca-swiss quick release system, and to a standard tripod with 1/4 - 20 UNC thread without the use of a quick release bar

Complete set:

  • Spotting scope: body color - olive
  • Eyepiece and lens protective covers
  • Soft nylon field case with handles and lock for quick use, storage and transport
  • Microfiber cloth for wiping optics

Overall dimensions:

  • Dimensions without packaging, mm: 429x172x102
  • Dimensions in the package, mm: 533x241x178
  • Weight without packaging, kg: 1,985
  • Packaged weight, kg: 3.632

Warranty period: Lifetime

Manufacturer: Athlon (USA)

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