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SDS-QUICK CARTRIDGE . Punches Bosch Uneo Maxx. Quite recently, very compact, light and ergonomic perforators appeared on the market. Some of them use a new type of SDS-Quick chuck. The SDS-Quick system was introduced to the power tool market in 2008 by the Bosch company. The main task was to make a more universal and reliable type of cartridge that meets all the requirements and wishes of users. This fastening system, first of all, had to be suitable for compact and ergonomic perforators of the new generation.

SDS-QUICK CARTRIDGE DEVICE . Standard SDS shanks consist of longitudinal grooves (see related articles). Shanks of the SDS-Quick series use protrusions instead of grooves. Thanks to this configuration, the probability of turning the drill in the chuck has decreased and the transmission of the torque from the engine to the nozzle has increased.

This is what the SDS-Quick shank looks like


This system has many advantages:

• Drills excel at impact drilling in concrete, stone and brick. They were specially designed for such operations.
• The versatility of SDS-Quick drills is obvious: they perfectly fit standard cam and quick-clamp chucks.
• Thanks to the special design, the shanks are securely fixed in the chuck. This prevents friction, which means that the service life of the cartridge itself increases.
• With high loads, the possibility of turning the drill is excluded.
• The SDS-Quick chuck can easily be fitted with a hex (1/4 inch) bit, thereby expanding the scope of the tool.
• Long bit bits can be easily installed in the SDS-Quick chuck.

* Currently, this type of chuck is only used in Bosch Uneo models. But there is no doubt that the future is behind such constructive findings, as the tool becomes increasingly lighter and more compact. And it is very important to preserve and even increase the transmission force to the maximum in such tools.

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