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Ski poles Gabel HS-R Black/Red 130 (7009150091300)


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Due to their lightness, reliability and safety, Gabel HS-R poles are the most popular ski poles in the manufacturer's assortment. Speed without control is nothing! An anatomically shaped ergonomic handle and a glove strap with a double adjustment and quick release system allow you to securely hold the poles, control your balance and movement during the descent, and most importantly ensure the safety of the skier, freeing the hand from the pole in case of an unsuccessful fall. Gabel HS-R are ski poles for those who love the truly exciting feeling of skiing while feeling safe. All Gabel sticks come with an extended two year warranty.

Sticks of fixed length 130 cm are recommended for users with a height of 180 to 185 cm


Gabel has been manufacturing some of the finest ski, trekking and Nordic walking poles since 1956 and can be proud that its products are still labeled "Made in Italy", which certifies high quality, cutting-edge design, and compliance with the requirements for professional products. The company uses only the best materials and technologies in its industry, and works every day to ensure that users of Gabel products feel superior and confident in their choice.

Pro Lite

Pro Lite is a line of ski poles for professionals that combines light weight, excellent ergonomics, and provides excellent handling and safety at high speeds.

ALU5083 ALU 5083 F45 - Poles are made from aluminum alloy Alu 5083 F45 (Al-Mg-Mn alloy) with a tensile strength of 4500 kgf/cm2 (440 MPa). Due to its strength, high corrosion resistance, cutting technology and low weight, this alloy has become widely used in the sports industry, and is especially good for the manufacture of tubular products, which are sticks. Significantly stronger than the well-known aircraft aluminum Alu 6061, Alu 5083 is only slightly inferior to Alu 7075, but the products made from it are lighter and less expensive, which can often be a deciding factor when choosing equipment.


Biomatrix II - ergonomics and lightness as part of a new concept of comfort during skiing. The ergonomic handle, equipped with a Click System quick release mechanism, weighs 30% less than most handles produced so far due to the absence of metal parts. The futuristic shape with through and semi-through punches not only reduces weight but also increases friction with the glove for a secure grip.

Clock System

Click System - the action of the system is based on the operation of a lever that disconnects the belt from the handle when the button located at the top of the handle is pressed. This system is designed to ensure the safety of the skier in case of falls, since at a load of more than 35 kg, the Click 3D strap is released from the pole handle, preventing injury to the wrist. The strap is also easy to detach and attach forcibly, and the button is actuated with one light touch of a finger. The Click 3D strap has a double adjustment system and is long enough for a precise and secure fit over the glove. The Click System can be easily disassembled and even if the lever breaks, it can be replaced.


  • Type: Unisex
  • Purpose: ski
  • Style: fixed length
  • Number of sections: 1
  • Section Diameter: 18mm
  • Material: Alu 5083 F45 aluminum alloy
  • Handle: 01/51 - Biomatrix II, PP + TPV (polypropylene + thermoplastic vulcanizate)
  • Strap: 02/51 - Click 3D double adjustable glove
  • Support ring: 03/1-F - Power Race, non-removable, made of frost-resistant plastic, diameter 50 mm
  • Tip: 05/10 + 08/8 Ultra Light + Steel (high carbon steel, reverse cone shape)
  • Length: 130 cm (recommended for users with a height of 180 to 185 cm)
  • Single stick weight: 260g
  • Color: Black/Red (black/red)

Additional design features:

  • The material of the inserts on the outer part of the handle TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizate) is by far the best polymer material for the production of durable ski pole handles. Unlike TPE or TPR thermoplastic elastomers used by other manufacturers, this material retains elasticity at low temperatures, is more resistant to high temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, aggressive media and mechanical stress.
  • The inverted cone shape of the steel lugs is the most versatile on uphills and downhills, and provides the necessary traction on packed snow and icy surfaces.
  • Round holes in the support rings allow two poles to be connected together for easy transport
  • Optional replacement of belt 02/51 - Click 3D for belt 02/19 World Cup click


  • Stick with support rings: 2 pcs.
  • Detachable glove strap: 2 pcs
  • Bracket for connecting two sticks together - 1 pc.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Dimensions of the set without packaging, mm: 1300x80x80
  • Dimensions of the set in the package, mm: 1320x80x80
  • Weight of the set without packaging, kg: 0.620
  • Package weight, kg: 0.640

Warranty period: 2 years

Producer: Gabel (Italy)

  • Color: i
  • Delivery:
    Free shipping
  • Guarantee:
    24 months
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