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Nordic walking poles Vipole Vario Kids (S20 38)

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Vipole has created special children's Nordic walking poles that have all the functionality of full-fledged adult poles, but are much lighter and shorter than standard poles and equipped with a smaller lanyard adapted to children's or women's hand sizes. Vipole Vario Kids (S20 38) are ideal for children and teenagers from 95 to 150 cm tall. The poles are made from Alu 7075 aluminum alloy, which has a combination of lightness and strength that is not available for other materials. Made from breathable, hypoallergenic neoprene, the asymmetrical Nordic Power lanyards provide a perfect fit, allowing you to push off without squeezing the handle of the pole. If necessary, you can instantly free your hand from the stick, thanks to the Top-Click quick release system. The internal Twist Lock allows you to set the required length according to your height and securely fix the telescopic sections of the pole. The tungsten carbide tip has sufficient hardness and high wear resistance. All this is necessary for setting up the correct Nordic walking technique.


  • Alu 7075 - aluminum is the best material for making sections of trekking poles. It is durable, well suited to the mechanical requirements for the production of various components, and last but not least, it is environmentally friendly as it is completely recyclable. Vipole uses exclusively Alu 7075-F56 aluminum alloy, which is widely used in aircraft construction. To guarantee protection against external factors, all aluminum components undergo an anodizing process, which makes them resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

  • TwistLock - internal collet locking system for telescopic pole sections. Such a system provides reliable fixation of the sections relative to each other. Both in transport and in working position, TwistLock has no external protruding parts that could catch on clothes or other objects while moving. Accordingly, such a mount is almost impossible to damage while walking.

  • Top-Click - the quick release system of the lanyard is a special fastex shape with a top button that allows you to instantly release your hand with a lanyard from the stick: just press the button with your thumb. It's just as easy to clip the lanyard back on. Using the Top-Click system, you can instantly release your hand without removing the lanyard, which is very convenient when you need to answer the phone urgently.

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