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Trekking poles Gabel Escape Carbon Lite Tour (7008472100000)

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Gabel Escape Carbon Lite Tour three-section telescopic poles have been made even lighter and more compact thanks to their slightly reduced length. The maximum height of the sticks in working condition will fully satisfy users with a height of up to 185-190 cm, and their length when folded is only 59 cm. The sections of the sticks are made of carbon and aluminum alloy. This solution ensures a balance of weight, strength and cost of sticks. An additional margin of reliability is provided by the combined locking lock of the Multi Lock system, which actually combines two independent locks that will ensure the functionality of the sticks even if the internal or external lock fails.

Soft and light straps are very comfortable, pleasant to the touch and have antibacterial impregnation. The extended handle allows you to grab the stick lower, which is incredibly convenient on the climbs, because it allows you not to change the height of the stick. This model can be safely recommended for long expeditions, difficult climbs, as well as for winter hikes, as the poles are supplied complete with wide snow rings. All Gabel trekking poles have an extended two-year warranty.

Since 1956, Gabel has been producing some of the best ski poles, trekking poles and Nordic walking poles, and can be proud that its products still carry the "Made in Italy" label, which confirms the high quality, advanced design and compliance to professional products. The company uses only the best materials and technologies in its field, and works every day to ensure that users of Gabel products feel superior and are confident in their choice.

Pro - Pro - a line of poles for trekking, approaching, trail running, and for all those situations where maximum compactness and low weight are primarily required. Poles of the Pro line can be recommended for instructors and group leaders. General recommendations for the use of poles of this line: mountaineering and mountain hikes lasting more than 7 days with an ascent at an angle of up to 30º and a maximum axial load of up to 130 kg.

Basket Change - moving with sticks on loose ground or snow will be much more effective when using special trekking or snow rings of different diameters and configurations. These sticks support the possibility of changing rings. Thus, there is no need to buy separate sticks for each season. It is enough to equip the sticks with the necessary rings and feel confident on any terrain and in any weather.

Carbide - pole tips play the most important role: sharp and strong, Gabel tips guarantee a reliable grip on any type of terrain. All Gabel trekking poles are equipped with the highest quality Widia (tungsten carbide) carbide tips of Swiss origin.

Multi Lock - this combined locking system is designed to increase the reliability of locking telescopic sections for the most demanding users. The system consists of two locks: an external eccentric aluminum Fast Lock U-Lock lock and an internal TPL (Top Performance Locking) collet lock. With an axial load resistance of 150 kg, this clamping system guarantees reliable operation even if one lock fails.

Top Click System - a system of quick and convenient adjustment of the length of the strap and its tightening, which also allows you to easily disconnect the strap or replace it, for example, with special straps for trail running of the FLS system


  • Type: telescopic, ultralight
  • Purpose: trekking, trail running, ski touring
  • Category: unisex
  • Number of sections: 3
  • Section diameter: 12/14/16 mm
  • Material: aluminum alloy Alu 7075 T6 F60 / 100% high modulus Carbon HM
  • Height adjustment mechanism: Multi Lock (combined eccentric + collet)
  • Handle: Ergo Foam Lite 01/28, EVA foam, elongated, with a rounded ergonomic head
  • Strap: Tech Lite 02/70, soft, adjustable, with TCS quick release system
  • Tip: Carbide 08/15 (tungsten carbide)
  • Minimum folded length: 59 cm
  • Maximum length in working condition: 131 cm
  • Weight of one stick: 200 g
  • Color: black

Additional design features:

  • The extended handle allows you to effectively use the poles on the climbs without changing their length.
  • Two pairs of replaceable rings in the set make it possible to move both on hard soils and on loose soils or snow.
  • Trekking rings 03/37F TR have a special shape that, on the one hand, provides reliable support when moving on soft and loose soil, and on the other hand, allows less sticks to cling to the terrain when moving.
  • The special shape of the top of the handle allows you to unfasten skis or snowshoes more conveniently, which is especially important when doing it in winter gloves is problematic.

Complete set:

  • Stick: 2 pcs.
  • Removable strap - 2 pcs.
  • Removable tracking ring with teeth, diameter 38 mm (03/37F TR) - 2 pcs.
  • Removable snow ring with a diameter of 90 mm (03/27) - 2 pcs.
  • Plastic protective cap (only for protection, not for walking) - 2 pcs.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Dimensions of the set without packaging, mm: 600x90x90
  • Dimensions of the set in the package, mm: 610x90x90
  • Weight of the set without packaging, kg: 0.440
  • Package weight, kg: 0.460

Warranty period: 2 years

Manufacturer: Gabel (Italy)

  • Color: i
  • Type of:
  • Country of origin of goods:
  • Guarantee:
    24 months
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