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Nordic walking sticks Gabel Stretch Ice (7008352630000)

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Gabel Stretch Ice is the most affordable model of poles for Nordic walking in the Professional line. The model has high strength, as it is made of ultra-strong aluminum alloy ALU7075-F56 . The sticks are equipped with Widia carbide tips and TPL double-circuit locking locks, capable of withstanding an axial load of 150 kg. At the same time, Gabel Stretch Ice is quite compact when folded and has a low weight.

Handles made of antibacterial material prevent sweating, and have a system of quick release of the strap. But the main thing is that the model has the necessary inclination of the handle, the cut of the glove strap and the shape of the boot, which contribute to the formation of the correct technique of Nordic walking. All Gabel poles have an extended two-year warranty.

Since 1956, Gabel has been producing some of the best ski poles, trekking poles and Nordic walking poles, and can be proud that its products still carry the "Made in Italy" label, which confirms the high quality, advanced design and compliance to professional products. The company uses only the best materials and technologies in its field, and works every day to ensure that users of Gabel products feel superior and are confident in their choice.

The Gabel company is very thorough in each of its directions, cooperating with leading organizations in the field and participating in the development of methodologies. Standing at the origins of the popularization of Nordic walking in Italy, along with ASD (Association of New Trails), the University of Padua, and AIMEF (Italian Association of Family Physicians), the Gabel company was directly involved as a technical consultant in the refinement and improvement of the Nordic walking technique and set of exercises walking Thus, you can have no doubt that when you buy Gabel Nordic walking sticks, you are getting the right product that can improve the results of classes and not harm your health.

Basket Change - moving with sticks on loose ground or snow will be much more effective when using special trekking or snow rings of different diameters and configurations. These sticks support the possibility of changing rings. Thus, there is no need to buy separate sticks for each season. It is enough to equip the sticks with the necessary rings and feel confident on any terrain and in any weather.

Carbide - pole tips play the most important role: sharp and strong, Gabel tips guarantee a reliable grip on any type of terrain. All Gabel trekking poles are equipped with the highest quality Widia (tungsten carbide) carbide tips of Swiss origin.

Comfort Strap - the right glove strap - is a key element in Nordic walking. The new Comfort Power strap with a modified shape now provides a better fit and a higher level of comfort for the hand. Practicality is also complemented by a new opening / closing system, which is now located on the back of the hand and has a special light tab.

Grip - the rounded shape of the handle from above and its angle of inclination of 6-7 ° contribute to a more convenient grip and release of the handle during training. All Gabel handles are made of hypoallergenic materials and have a texture that prevents sweating. The handle is adapted for use with both the NCS Nordic Walking Glove Straps and the FLS Trail Running Glove Straps

Top Performance Locking - this system of fixing telescopic sections is the result of research and considerable practical experience of the Gabel company. The TPL (Top Performance Locking) collet system continues to be one of the best on the market. With an axial load resistance of 150 kg, TPL guarantees maximum reliability and durability.

Nordic Click System is a fastening system with the ability to quickly unfasten the glove strap from the handle. To release, just press the button located on top of the handle. The strap is just as easy to fasten back. It often happens that during classes you need to take something out of your pocket or simply answer the phone. In such cases, the NCS system is simply indispensable for those who regularly engage in Nordic walking.

Reflex - a small reflective element in the form of a triangle, placed on the sections of the sticks, will help the user to remain visible in the evening and be safe when moving along the roadway. The element provides effective reflection of almost 100% of the light that falls on it.


  • Type: telescopic, ultralight
  • Purpose: Nordic walking
  • Category: unisex
  • Number of sections: 2
  • Section diameter: 16/14 mm
  • Material: aluminum alloy Alu 7075 T6 F56
  • Height adjustment mechanism: Top Performance Locking System (clamp)
  • Handle: Dual Tech 01/25, PP (polypropylene) + TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizate)
  • Strap: light, mesh, breathable, with quick release system
  • Tip: 08/15 Carbide (tungsten carbide)
  • Caps: rubber in the shape of a boot
  • Minimum length when folded: 75 cm
  • Maximum length in working condition: 130 cm
  • Weight of one stick: 204 g
  • Color: Ice (light gray)

Additional design features:

  • The material of the outer part of the handle TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizate) is currently the best polymer material for the production of durable handles that are in constant contact with the palm. It is an antibacterial material that is easily disinfected, which is extremely important in an epidemiological situation. Unlike TPE or TPR thermoplastic elastomers used by other manufacturers, this material retains elasticity at low temperatures, is more resistant to high temperatures, ultraviolet light, aggressive environments and mechanical influences.
  • Adjustable right and left hand glove straps are size M (adapted to SML sizes)
  • Rubber protective caps have a beveled shape in the form of a boot, are resistant to abrasion, and allow you to move silently with sticks on a smooth asphalt surface.
  • Trekking rings NW 03/37 have a special shape that, on the one hand, provides reliable support when moving on soft and loose soil, and on the other hand, allows sticks to stick less to the terrain when moving.

Complete set:

  • Stick: 2 pcs.
  • Removable glove strap, size "M" ( 02/36 NCS) - 2 pcs.
  • Removable tracking ring with teeth and a diameter of 38 mm (NW 03/37) - 2 pcs.
  • Rubber protective boot cap (Sport Pad 05/33) - 2 pcs.
  • Bracket for connecting two sticks together - 1 pc.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Dimensions of the set without packaging, mm: 750x80x80
  • Dimensions of the set in the package, mm: 770x80x80
  • Weight of the set without packaging, kg: 0.445
  • Package weight, kg: 0.47

Warranty period: 2 years

Manufacturer: Gabel (Italy)

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