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Water ozonizers Ozone Viqua Spa Ozonator S2Q-OZ (up to 9.4 m3/h)

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An ultraviolet ozone generation system is a modern way to significantly reduce the need for strong and oxidizing agents such as chlorine and bromine. In the past (and still are) chemicals have been used as a primary water treatment method in hot tubs and pools. The ultraviolet ozone generation system takes a big step forward by significantly reducing the use of chemicals.
Ozone is an active oxidant produced inside a sealed stainless steel case. As air passes through the case, oxygen molecules are converted into ozone. Ozone naturally decomposes to pure oxygen in about 20 minutes.



43.2 cm


6.5 cm

Controller dimensions



2.7 kg

Hydraulic connections inlet/outlet dimensions


Electrical characteristics

Supply voltage



Power consumption

24 W

Total lamp power

17 W

The presence of a quartz casing


Indication and warning systems

Acoustic fault alarm


Visual indication of functioning


Lamp run time indication


Lamp life warning


Removal of water drain from the reactor chamber


Reactor chamber material

Stainless steel 304

• Ozone is generated from oxygen in the air using UV rays with a wavelength of 185 nm.
• reduced consumption of chlorine-based chemicals
• oxidizes impurities 3200 times faster than chlorine
• impossibility of overdose
• high quality stainless steel body
• separation of the case and power supply provide ease of installation and reliability in operation.
• audio warning system about the failure of the UV lamp.
• voltage indicator light, for reliable protection.
• high efficiency with low power consumption. Less than 40 watts for long-term water protection of pools and hot tubs
• connection to pressure pipelines using special kits, including a Venturi assembly and a non-return valve in the ozone supply line
• no additional maintenance is required, except for the replacement of the UV lamp (once a year)

Equipment :
• Reactor chamber-1 pc.
• UV lamp (S415RL) - 1 pc.
• Ballast BA-ICE-SO - 1 pc.
• Mounting brackets and screws - 1 set.

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