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Bandage for the wrist and thumb with anatomic splints EH-403 left Ortop

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Features :

- two modifications: for the left and for the right hand;

- material: soft, inelastic air-permeable mesh AIRMESH;

- design: the product is equipped with modeled anatomical splints and a fastener system that makes it possible to easily fix the bandage;

- ease of care: hand wash only in warm water, not higher than 30 ºC using products for delicate things; it is forbidden to wring out the product, use chlorine-containing products, and also dry it with heating devices; store away from sunlight at t not more than +30ºC.

Indications :

- provides reliable fixation of the wrist joint, as well as the joint of the first finger in the correct position, promotes the resumption of normal blood circulation in them, retains the ability to grip the hand, relieves swelling and pain;

- recommended for use in injuries of the ligaments of the wrist and metacarpophalangeal joints;

- it is indicated during the rehabilitation period after the removal of the cast in case of fractures of the lower third of the forearm and after operations on it;

- in addition, it can be used for muscle cuts on the extensor region of the hand, as well as in the form of a splint when transporting the victim;

Application : before use, if necessary, stretch and bend the aluminum bar, choosing an individual size for the structure of the hand. After - unfasten all fixing straps and put on the cuff so that the tire is located on the surface of the palm and tighten the latches.

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