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NATURA HOUSE - Farmona - Skin Doctors - the best choice for yourself !!!

NATURA HOUSE presents a wide selection of natural and natural products for face and body skin care, baby care, natural toothpastes and mouthwash. The basis of all NATURA HOUSE products: shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, creams are plant extracts with the addition of trace elements: gold, copper, zinc and silver. Cosmetics do not contain dioxins and formaldehydes, which are known to be carcinogenic, cause irritation and have a toxic effect on the skin. The basis of shampoos are surfactants of plant origin (coconut). All shampoos are enriched with wheat protein, essential oils and pumpkin oil.
NATURA HOUSE is a great choice for those who value natural components, gifted by nature.

NATURA HOUSE is not tested on animals and is completely organic. The result is noticeable from the first time, everyone will be able to choose the necessary product and will be satisfied.
Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory was established in Poland in 1997. The company has earned the recognition of customers who appreciate the innovation and quality of natural cosmetics. , body care, intimate hygiene, anti-cellulite program, professional series HERBAL CARE natural herbal shampoos are created on the basis of ancient recipes that contain the most valuable gifts of nature. Thanks to the rich composition of coconut milk and herbs, shampoos give hair health, shine, energy and silkiness. The Farmona anti-cellulite program helps to stop its development and smooth out cellulite skin irregularities. , elastic and elastic, the Farmona professional cosmetics series cleans the skin, reduces the intensity of skin redness, strengthens weak capillaries, has an anti-inflammatory effect, gently moisturizes the skin, regulates the work of sebaceous glands and normalizes secretion. skin oiliness. Facial cosmetics allow the skin to restore its balance and a beautiful, healthy appearance.
Skin Doctors Austrian Cosmetics - an alternative to plastic surgery. Now any woman will be able to fully enjoy the phenomenal results of successful solutions to problems such as varicose veins, stretch marks, pigmentation disorders, inflammatory elements, circles under the eyes, unwanted hair and various manifestations of aging: the main thing is that all this without a single visit to a plastic surgeon . The uniqueness of Skin Doctors drugs is that they are much more effective than traditional skin care products.

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