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🛠️ Drain restrictors and mechanical valves - Keep your system running efficiently! 🚰🔧

The Drain Restrictors and Mechanical Valves section offers a wide selection of accessories to help keep your drainage or water supply system running efficiently. 🚰🔧 Here you will find different types of drainage restrictors that regulate the flow of water, helping to avoid overflow and ensure the optimal water level in the system. In addition, mechanical valves provide a controlled flow of water and allow you to easily open and close the water path. All our drain restrictors and mechanical valves are made of high-quality materials and guarantee reliable operation for a long time. Choose the necessary accessories to ensure the smooth functioning of your system and maximum comfort in using water. 🚰🔧

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🔧 Drain restrictors : These accessories are used to control drainage in filtration systems. They provide restriction of liquid flow during drainage or removal of excess water from filters. Drain restrictors help maintain the optimal level of fluid in the system and prevent excessive consumption of resources.

⚙️ Mechanical valves : These valves are used to control the flow of liquid in filtration systems. They allow you to adjust the level of pressure and flow of water passing through the filters. Mechanical valves can be used to open or close the fluid path, as well as to regulate the volume of the water flow.

These accessories are important components of filtration systems because they help control the flow and level of liquid in the filtration process. Selecting the correct drain restrictors and mechanical valves depends on the specific needs of your system and the requirements of the filtration process. Please note the size, material and properties of these accessories to ensure they are compatible with your system and ensure reliable filter performance.