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👣 Cosmetics for feet - Care, comfort and beauty for your feet! 💅

Give your feet complete care, comfort and beauty with our foot cosmetics! 👣 In the section "Cosmetics for feet" you will find a wide range of products that will help keep your feet healthy, smooth and attractive. 💅 Our foot cosmetics include nail care products, moisturizers, scrubs, massage oils and much more. It contains active ingredients such as vitamins, plant oils, soft extracts that help strengthen the nail plate, reduce dryness and cracks, soften the skin and provide a pleasant feeling during use. Our foot cosmetics are designed with your comfort and pleasure in mind, as well as your aesthetic appeal. Enjoy healthy, well-groomed and beautiful feet with our foot cosmetics! 👣💅

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Guam CRYOGEL (82064) 100 ml

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Guam FangoGel Drenante Gambe 200 ml (11293)

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Ahava 30 years Mineral Foot Cream 100 ml (84315030)

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Ahava Leave on Muds Deep Moisture Foot Cream 100 ml (84616065)

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Guam LE CRÈME Specialistica 200 ml (14062)

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Guam TALASSO 100 ml (13026)

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DeadSea Water Mineral Foot Cream 100 ml (84315065)

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Leave-on DeadSea Mud Dermud Intensive Foot Cream 100 ml (84615065)

The beauty and health of the feet is an important aspect of general self-care. In our store, we offer a variety of foot cosmetics that will help you take care of them and create a beautiful look. Here are some popular products that can be found in our range:

💅 Foot polishes: We have a wide selection of foot polishes in different colors, finishes and effects. You can choose classic nude shades for everyday use, bright colors for special events or trendy metallic and glitter polishes for a stylish accent.

👣 Foot creams: Foot creams will help moisturize and soften the skin, providing you with smooth and well-groomed feet. They have nourishing and soothing properties, which makes them ideal for relaxation after a busy day.

✂️ Grooming tools: Our range also includes nail and cuticle care tools. You can find nail scissors, files, manicure brushes and other useful accessories to help you create a flawless look.

💦 Foot baths: A pleasant foot bath will increase the effectiveness of care. We offer baths with different properties, such as soothing aromas, gentle skin exfoliation or stoma relief.

🎁 Gift Sets: Foot cosmetics can be a great gift for your loved ones or friends. We offer gift sets that contain a variety of nail and foot care products. This is a great opportunity to please someone special.

🛍️ Online shopping: You can easily order foot cosmetics in our online store. Just look at our products, choose the necessary tools and make an order. We provide fast delivery so you can enjoy quality foot cosmetics in the shortest possible time.

Let your feet shine with our foot cosmetics. Make them well-groomed, attractive and ready for any situation!