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Floor cooler HotFrost 450AMI Black with compressor cooling

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Innovative HotFrost V450AMI Black cooler with contactless water supply. This model embodies the engineering solutions that the consumer has long expected.

1. Contactless supply of cold water.

2020 has signaled the development of more hygienic water supply from the cooler than pushbutton and touch. Now you can get cold water from the V450AMI Black cooler without touching the buttons, just bring and hold your palm over the sensor area.

2. Sanitary cleaning (disinfection) of the cooler.

Many consumers thought that a device designed to provide a person with clean drinking water must be periodically serviced (washed, etc.). The standard procedure for flushing the cooler does not seem convenient to everyone and requires spending personal time.

Now, the sanitation of the cooler occurs automatically without human intervention once a day or can be started manually at a convenient time.

Bacteria, which for any reason could be in the water, are destroyed with the help of ozone, which is produced by the water ozonation system in the cooler.

The sanitation system is equipped with a pollutant collector and a separator to prevent ozone leakage.

3. Modern ergonomics and cooler design.

The cooler functions control panel is made of high quality acrylic. The tilt angle of the panel is convenient both for visual review of control elements and for contact with them.

In this cooler model, mechanical water supply buttons are a thing of the past.
The cooler is controlled via touch (electronic) buttons with corresponding color indication, which makes it easier to understand which function is activated in the cooler. The supply of cold water can be carried out both through the touch button and through the use of a proximity sensor.

The cooler has protection against children for the operation of the hot water collection (draining) function.
It is worth noting the modern implementation of this function, not just through a mechanical lock, but through a programmed time delay of 3 seconds to unlock the hot water supply.

Because Since the cooler uses the bottom loading of the bottle (into the bottle cabinet), for visual control of the water level, the control panel has an indicator of low water level in the bottle, which informs about the need to replace the bottle.

4. Speed of a set of water.

To make the use of the cooler more comfortable and not take precious seconds (which add up to minutes and hours of life), the engineers did their best and made it possible to draw half a liter of water in the V450AMI cooler in 14 seconds. At the same time, the average value for other models is 25 seconds.

We recommend that you study the operating instructions for the device in order to understand in more detail the operation of the cooler functions described above.

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