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Tent Wechsel Intrepid 5 TL Laurel Oak (231081)


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Wechsel Intrepid 5 TL eliminates the need to buy two separate tents for camping and hiking. This tent will be simply irreplaceable during group hikes in the mountains. Firstly, with a weight of less than 6 kg, it freely accommodates 5 people for an overnight stay, and when there is a need to prepare dinner for a group in bad weather, only a tent with a large and high vestibule can cope with this task, sheltering from the weather for meals for up to 10 people.

It is interesting to note that the Wechsel Intrepid 5 TL accommodates users in two separate inner tents under one common awning. Thus, when unzipping one inner tent, the Wechsel Intrepid 5 TL becomes a four-seater tent with double the area of the vestibule, and the weight is reduced by a whole kilogram. Such a constructive solution is very useful for using the model as a camping tent, and for difficult hikes, where the most important parameter is the minimum weight.

First, the outer awning is installed, after which the inner tents are attached to it inside. This allows you to speed up the installation process and avoid getting the inner tents wet during installation in the rain. The first installation of the tent will be quite quick and hassle-free, since the inner tent is already pre-connected to the outer awning at the factory. Polyurethane coating of the awning and the bottom of the tent provides water protection up to 7000 mm and high resistance to punctures, which is very important when using the tent, both in wooded and rocky terrain. The tent requires a comparative minimum of space for installation, and also has only ventilation mesh inserts, which allows it to be recommended for hiking and camping in colder climates.

Travel Line

If you do not make it your exclusive goal to purchase the lightest equipment, or equipment that will be used in the most extreme conditions, but prefer functional and convenient equipment, then the Wechsel Travel Line equipment line will definitely attract your attention. When developing tents of the Travel Line series, the main attention was paid to the comfort of use, convenience and speed of installation and assembly of the tent, as well as to achieving the maximum internal space while maintaining the minimum area of installation of the tent. At the same time, all Wechsel models of the Travel Line are certainly reliable tents that can withstand difficult weather conditions and meet the requirements of ambitious climbers and weekend tourists.


  • Type: tent
  • Shape: tunnel
  • Capacity: 5 people
  • Total number of exits / premises: 2 / 3
  • Construction: two-layer
  • Entrance vestibule / quantity: there is / 1
  • Frame: aluminum alloy Alu 7001 T6 (3 arcs - ∅ 9.5 mm, 10 sections, 1 arc - ∅ 8 mm, 6 sections, pre-bent), end tips ∅ 6.5 mm
  • Material of the outer awning: Polyester 68D Ripstop PU DWR, 5000 mm, taped seams, reinforcing Ripstop structure, polyurethane coating and water-repellent impregnation, density - 81g/m², tensile strength - 2.5kg.
  • Inner tent material: Polyester Taffeta 70D 185T DWR, taped seams, water-repellent breathable fabric, density - 58g/m²
  • Floor material: Polyester 75D 210T PU DWR, 7000 mm, taped seams, water-repellent impregnation, density - 110 g/m²
  • Mosquito net material: Polyester NoSeeUm 50D DWR
  • Purpose: camping, tourism, bicycle tourism
  • Color: Laurel Oak (light brown)

Dimensions and weight:

  • Inner tent #1 (L x W x H): 220 x 220 x 128 cm
  • Inner tent #2 (L x W x H): 200 x 90 x 124 cm
  • Outer tent (L x W x H): 480 x 233 x 140 cm
  • When folded: 57 x 28 x 28 cm
  • Tent weight (without cover, repair kit and pegs): 5.41 kg
  • Weight of the tent (in full configuration): 5.9 kg

Design features:

  • The main advantages of the tunnel construction with an additional hinged arc are the possibility of creating a larger space above the additional sleeping place, as well as the minimum installation area with the maximum useful use of the internal volume of the tent. This design is light in weight and requires a minimum of installation time.
  • First, the frame with the outer awning is installed, after which the inner tents are attached from the inside. This installation scheme allows you to keep the inner tents dry when setting up in the rain, and it also allows you to reduce the time of setting up / folding the tent, provided that the inner tents have been fixed inside in advance and will not be removed during the dismantling of the tent. The outer awning is attached to the frame with sleeves.
  • The tent can be used as a four-seater by unzipping one of the inner tents, thereby obtaining an increased vestibule volume and saving on derived weight.
  • Mosquito nets are placed in the upper half of the inner tent doors.
  • The increased length and width of the sleeping place, which significantly exceed the minimum permissible dimensions according to the accepted standards, which increases the useful area of the tent, making it very spacious for one person.
  • The arcs of the frame have a color marking that matches the color marking of the sleeves on the inner tent. The fastexas also have colored markings, which helps to quickly and accurately set up the tent on the ground. The arcs are so well fitted and stretched that it gives the impression that they fold by themselves after being removed from the cover.
  • The tent has 4 large APEX ventilation valves located on the sides of the sleeping places in the corners of the tent. Thus, proper ventilation of the inner tent and outer awning is ensured, condensation is prevented and the internal temperature is regulated. The valves are fixed with a rigid fastener on the Velcro fastener and prevent the formation of unwanted noise even in gusty winds.
  • In places where the greatest effort is applied, the awning has overlays made of a stronger fabric with a Ripstop structure, which is especially important for awnings with a polyurethane coating. The pads have a triangular shape, due to which they evenly distribute the applied forces over the entire area of the awning.
  • The entrance door has special fittings that allow you to use it as a canopy by using special telescopic rods (not supplied in the kit) or other improvised means as a support and fixing them with braces.
  • Inner tents are attached to the outer awning with practical hardware, which allows you to tighten the tension if necessary, or in cases of force majeure, it is easy to replace the hardware with a new one.
  • The system for controlling the tension of the braces is implemented through the use of specially designed fittings. The tensioner is securely fixed, and to change the tension there is no need to change the position of the pegs - it is enough to move the slider on the tensioner.
  • Inside the tent, there are side voluminous mesh pockets along the walls, as well as a hinged mesh pocket designed to accommodate small items.
  • The yellow tent straps have a reflective thread woven into them, thanks to which they remain clearly visible in the light of the day, and the dark time of the day in the light of a flashlight. A special flag is attached to the stretchers on a textile Velcro fastener, which fixes the folded tent stretchers in the transport position and works as a signal flag for quick visual detection of the installed tent stretchers. more reliable two-point tensioners are used on the sides of the tent, which significantly increase the quality of tension and the stability of the awning
  • The double hinges of the lower side of the awning provide the necessary variability of fixing, which is extremely important for high-quality tensioning of the awning when setting up the tent on rocky ground, when the pegs can be fixed only at certain points on the terrain where there are no stones.
  • The tent cover is made of the same material as the awning, so it is light, strong and reliably protects the contents.


  • Alu 7001 T6 is a high-strength hardened aluminum-based alloy. Its main composition Al-Zn-Mg-Cu and temperature hardening determine higher strength, higher modulus of elasticity, and the lowest coefficient of residual deformations compared to other popular aluminum alloys. Alu 7001 T6 surpasses steel and titanium alloys in terms of strength per unit weight. Today, this aluminum alloy is the standard for the production of the most reliable and light aluminum tent frames.
  • Polyester 68D 190T Ripstop PU DWR, 5000 mm - fairly light fabric with thread thickness 68D, density 190T, weight 81 g/m² and tensile strength - 2.5 kg. The increased tensile strength is due to the Ripstop thread weaving structure, and high puncture resistance is achieved thanks to the polyurethane coating. The resistance of the fabric to moisture penetration corresponds to the indicator of hydrostatic pressure of 5000 mm of water column. DWR impregnation has hydrophobic properties and prevents the accumulation of moisture and subsequent wetting of the fabric. The fabric has sufficient resistance to UV radiation and does not stretch over time.
  • Polyester Taffeta 70D 185T DWR - wear-resistant, smooth breathable fabric with thread thickness 70D and density 185T. DWR impregnation has hydrophobic properties and prevents the accumulation of moisture from condensation and subsequent wetting of the fabric. The fabric is perfectly ventilated and does not stretch over time, it is resistant to UV radiation and high temperatures.
  • Polyester 75D 210T PU DWR, 7000 mm - durable fabric with thread thickness 75D, density 210T and weight 110 g/m². Thanks to the polyurethane coating, the resistance of the fabric to moisture penetration corresponds to the indicator of hydrostatic pressure of 7000 mm of water column. The same polyurethane coating ensures high resistance to punctures, which is very important for the material of the bottom of the tent. DWR impregnation has hydrophobic properties, prevents the accumulation of moisture and subsequent wetting of the fabric. The fabric has sufficient resistance to UV radiation and does not stretch over time.
  • Polyester NoSeeUm 50D DWR - the special weaving of the NoSeeUm mesh allows you to create 1054 holes per square inch, which guarantees protection against the penetration of any insects, and also does not create the effect of a mesh in front of your eyes when viewing the area from inside the tent. The 50D thread mesh is UV resistant and has a water-repellent impregnation.
  • YNS Hardware - YNS plastic hardware is used in Travel Line series tents. Having received 46 patents for innovative inventions, the company uses them in the production of high-quality accessories exclusively for outdoor products. The quality of this hardware is not inferior to samples of more famous American and Japanese brands.

Compliance with standards:

  • ISO 811-1981 is an international standard that confirms the declared level of water resistance of the tent material. Tests of the material by hydrostatic pressure are carried out in order to determine resistance to water penetration.
  • ISO 13937-4 is a standard that defines the fabric's resistance to double tearing. A fabric strength level of 2.5 kg means that a force of 2.5 kg should be applied in opposite directions to the place of the already formed tear in the fabric in order to increase the tear. The strength of 2.5 kg is an excellent indicator for tent polyester fabrics of medium density with polyurethane impregnation.

Complete set:

  • External awning - 1 pc.
  • Inner tent - 2 pcs.
  • Collapsible aluminum arcs - 4 pcs.
  • Pegs (aluminum) - 21 pcs.
  • Cable ties with signal packaging flags - 8 pcs.
  • Repair kit (for arcs and tent) - 1 pc.
  • Cover made of Polyester 68D Ripstop PU DWR fabric with a handle - 1 pc.
  • Assembly instructions (sewn into the cover)

Features of operation and care to extend the period of use:

  • It is advisable not to put the tent wet in the cover. If it is not possible to completely dry the tent, it must be done at the first convenient opportunity.
  • It is not allowed to use any chemical solvents and aggressive stain removers for cleaning the tent. It is recommended to use household soap, water and a soft sponge.
  • After using the tent, the frame and pegs should be cleaned of dirt with a damp sponge, wiped with a dry cloth and packed in the complete covers.
  • The tent must be stored in a ventilated dry room, preferably without a cover.
  • Washing and deep cleaning of the product is allowed only in accordance with the recommendations indicated on the tag of the tent.

Manufacturer: Wechsel (Germany)

Warranty period: 2 years

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