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Magnetic activators



Magnetic water activators (MAW) are designed for water treatment with the field of permanent magnets of high power. This treatment prevents scale from falling on the walls of pipes and heating elements. At the same time, the existing scale is loosened and carried away by the flow of water. In addition, an oxide film is formed on the surface of the pipes, which protects the equipment from pitting corrosion.
Field of application; residential buildings, apartments, dachas, cottages, saunas, etc.

Magnetic activators

Description of the physical principle of action of the method of magnetic activation of water.
The magnetic activator activates water molecules by influencing them with a magnetic field generated by powerful permanent magnets. The magnetic activator affects the hydrogen carbonate anions dissolved in water, keeping them in a colloidal form. This causes the crystallization process directly in the mass of water, and not on the walls of the pipes or other surfaces of the water treatment equipment.
In water treated with an activator, under the action of the Lorentz force, water molecules begin to perform oscillatory movements. The magnets are arranged in a certain way - so that the magnetic field of the device causes the resonance of water dipoles. The resonance caused in this way leads to the separation of water molecules from micro-inclusions, which interact under the influence of mutual attraction. At the same time, calcium ions (the cause of deposits on the pipe walls) begin to besiege the surface of these free impurities - centers of crystallization, forming so-called microcrystals. This process is avalanche-like - new calcium ions are attached to the calcium that has already settled on the surface of the microcrystals. Thus, calcium ions do not fall out in the form of scale on heated surfaces and pipe walls. Microcrystals remain in the water column and are carried out into the drainage. In addition, calcium ions from the sediment that has already fallen on the surface of the equipment begin to detach and join the newly formed microcrystals in the water column. Over time, the old scale loosens and is completely washed off the surface of pipes and heating elements. Thus, reducing the surface tension of water, stabilizing its pH-factor and creating a soft water regime, the magnetic activator dissolves usually insoluble scale and hard-bound mineral deposits in pipes. Strong crystalline calcite is formed into a colloidal suspension that is freely washed with water or can be filtered, washed or mechanically cleaned in a closed circulation system as an easily disposed sludge.
If the magnetic activator is installed on new equipment or equipment after cleaning, then scale does not fall out. In addition, over time, a thin oxide film forms on the surface of the pipes, which protects the equipment well from corrosion.
Water treated with a magnetic activator does not acquire any adverse or harmful properties for human health and does not change the salt composition, preserving the taste of drinking water and preserving its properties for a period of time from 10 hours to several days.

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