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How to fight hypertension?


The patient's resistance to the disease is probably the most important factor in the victory over hypertension. If a person really sets himself the goal of gaining health, then his lifestyle must fully comply with the "Hypertensive Code":

Monitor your blood pressure regularly.

Avoid stressful situations. Learn to manage your emotions.

Rest wisely and competently: sleep 7-8 hours, in a well-ventilated room (aroma and physio treatments are possible before bed). Do not neglect sanatorium recovery during a working vacation.

Give up smoking.

Alcohol is useful only in small doses (no more than 50 g of strong drink or 150 - 200 g of dry red wine). In no case do not combine with taking medicines.

Lead an active and mobile lifestyle. Walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, skiing in winter - this is the best daily treatment procedure, especially if it is part of a regimen.

Diet is the basis of the basics in normalizing blood pressure. Introduce linseed oil into the diet, add it to porridge and salads, it destroys cholesterol like fish and fish oil. Garlic is very useful, it effectively prevents blood clots.

Do not neglect natural and natural remedies. Herbal and berry teas rich in vitamin C, essential oils, organic acids and trace elements are very useful.

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