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Filter bottle HotFrost HF-07

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Filter bottle HotFrost HF-07 is a modern solution in the field of purification and preparation of drinking water, mineralization and bioactivation.

A feature of the filter bottle is that it is designed for use with a cooler (water dispenser) instead of the usual 19 liter bottles. Thanks to this, the user of the cooler has the freedom to choose between purchased bottled water and tap water.

The cartridge (filter) of this device is a "sandwich" of various components that provide absorption, filtration and mineralization of filtered water. One of the components of the cartridge are activated carbon and activated Silex microparticles. They allow you to effectively purify water from impurities, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

The mineralizing and filtering granules of the filter contain more than 20 types of microelements useful for health, such as zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium, etc. During the filtration process, the water is saturated with these microelements, which makes it not only clean, but also useful. Mineralizing and filtering granules perform the function of bioactive additives.

Service life of the filter bottle cartridge: up to 3000 liters of tap water. Depending on the quality of the water used, the life of the cartridge may decrease. We recommend changing the filter cartridge at least once a year, even if the resource has not been exhausted by the volume of filtered water. The filter cartridge can be replaced by yourself

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