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Picnics and barbecues are a great way to enjoy time outdoors with family and friends. To create a comfortable and convenient atmosphere during a picnic and barbecue, you can use the following furniture:

🧺 Picnic mats: Picnic mats are important elements for comfortable seating and arrangement of food and drinks during a picnic. They can be waterproof, easy to store and transport, and easy to wash.

🪑 Folding chairs and folding tables: Folding chairs and tables allow you to create a comfortable corner for eating and relaxing during a picnic. They can be portable, with light frames and comfortable seats.

🔥 Portable grills: Portable grills are indispensable for creating an outdoor barbecue atmosphere. They can be gas, coal or electric depending on your choice and preference.

🌳 Folding picnic tables with canopies: Folding picnic tables with canopies provide protection from the sun and rain during a picnic. They can have built-in seating and provide enough space for all picnickers.

🍽️ Picnic Tableware Sets: Picnic tableware sets, including plates, glasses, utensils and glasses, are essential for serving food and drinks during a picnic. They can be lightweight, shockproof and easy to carry.

🍔 Portable sunbeds and chairs: Portable sunbeds and chairs allow you to relax and rest comfortably during your picnic. They can have an adjustable back, armrests and other features to ensure comfort.

🌞 Beach umbrellas and awnings: If the picnic is held outdoors, beach umbrellas and awnings will provide protection from the sun and create a shaded area for a comfortable rest.

💦 Portable showers: If you are planning a long picnic in nature, portable showers can be useful. They allow you to freshen up and take a shower after active activities or swimming.

💡 Portable lanterns and torches: If the picnic lasts until late evening or night, portable lanterns and torches will become indispensable for lighting the rest area. They can have different light modes and help create a pleasant atmosphere.

Remember to be safe and follow the rules when using fire and gas when barbecuing. Also, make sure you leave the picnic area clean and tidy by cleaning up after yourself and waste.

Enjoy picnics and barbecues with comfort and convenience, using suitable furniture and accessories for this type of recreation.