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Children's elastic orthosis of the wrist joint with a metal splint OP1152/1153 Orliman

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1р-2-6 лет (12 см длинна) Левая
1р-2-6 лет (12 см длинна) Правая
2р-6-12 лет (14 см длинна) Левая
2р-6-12 лет (14 см длинна) Правая

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The wrist brace is made of breathable and moisture-absorbing elastic material. On the palmar surface are straps with Velcro fasteners. On the back surface there is an aluminum plate, rigid, but amenable to modeling, if necessary, it can be removed completely. The orthosis provides moderate compression and excludes movements in the wrist joint.

Features :

- Simulated aluminum bus.

- Breathable and moisture-absorbing material.

- Innovative mikro velcro fasteners do not collect dirt and lint, do not lose their properties after repeated washes.

Effect :

- Immobilization of the joint.

- Perfect fit to the body and moderate compression.

- Unloading and restriction of movement in the affected area

- Reduced muscle fatigue.

- Acceleration of the regeneration process.

Purpose :

- It is used as an alternative to a plaster splint for various injuries of the first finger of the hand;

- The period of rehabilitation after plaster casts

- Immobilization of the wrist joint during postoperative rehabilitation;

- Injuries and sprains of the ligaments of the wrist joint;

one 2-6 (12 cm long)
2 6-12 (14 cm long)
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1р-2-6 лет (12 см длинна) Левая
1р-2-6 лет (12 см длинна) Правая
2р-6-12 лет (14 см длинна) Левая
2р-6-12 лет (14 см длинна) Правая

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