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Suitcase CarryOn Skyhopper (L) White (502424)

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Premium CarryOn Skyhopper suitcases are made in a classic design using quality materials. The body of the suitcase is made of high-strength material - polycarbonate. All suitcases of the Skyhopper series are equipped with a unique and currently the only search and registration system for found and lost things - Okoban.

Thanks to the unique identification code that the suitcase has, you can register on the Okoban website. The Okoban system is the first and only currently free system for users to search and register found and lost things. The Okoban system was developed and maintained jointly with the International Air Transport Association, the International Society for Aeronautical Telecommunications and TSA. The Okoban system is also integrated into the WorldTracer air passenger baggage information retrieval system used by most airlines and airports in the world. Thanks to this search and registration system, the chances of finding lost luggage are much higher.

The suitcase is equipped with a proprietary combination lock with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) customs clearance function. The customs authorities, in conjunction with the Transportation Security Administration of America, have been given the absolute right to inspect any suitcase on wheels or bag that they find suspicious for security purposes. Transportation security agents are provided with special TSA keys for which they are personally responsible. Thanks to the presence of the TSA function in the lock, after the inspection, your locks will remain safe and sound, unlike luggage without the TSA function.

The suitcase is equipped with four fully swivel twin wheels with the possibility of independent 360° rotation of each wheel. The system provides a uniform redistribution of the load on the wheel, which in turn contributes to the smooth rolling and maneuverability of the suitcase, while applying a minimum of effort. The wheels are made from high temperature thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The material has a strength comparable to plastic, the flexibility of silicone, and also has an increased resistance to temperature extremes. A distinctive feature of TPU material wheels is to reduce noise to a minimum when rolling the suitcase on uneven surfaces. Thanks to resistance to attrition, material of wheels differs in the long term of operation.

Ergonomic push-button retractable telescoping handle system allows handle height adjustment for added user convenience and comfort. The internal volume is divided by a partition into two compartments and has belts for fixing things, as well as additional pockets.

To prevent unwanted scratches and abrasions, the CarryOn Skyhopper series uses a textured coating method on the surface of the suitcase body.

Peculiarities :

  • The presence in the suitcase of a unique code of the Okoban system is the first and only system for searching and registering found and lost things free of charge for users at the moment.
  • Four independent 360° rotating wheels are made of high temperature thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).
  • Built-in combination lock with TSA (Transportation Security Administration) customs clearance function.
  • Retractable telescopic aluminum handle with two-position lock.
  • Gel handle at the top of the suitcase for easy upright transport.
  • The suitcase is divided by a partition into two main compartments, the partition has a mesh pocket with a zipper.
  • Elastic compression straps on fastexes to secure luggage inside the suitcase.
  • Inner zip lining.
  • The material of the suitcase is of increased resistance to impacts and deformations, guarantees long-term use and excellent appearance.

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Article: 47009
4 422
4 334