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Projection clock Technoline WT514 Black (WT514)


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A very original Technoline WT514 projection clock will perfectly fit into an interior filled with modern gadgets with LED backlight. In addition to the time itself, the clock measures the temperature and humidity in the room, on the basis of which they form a weather forecast. And although this forecast is highly dependent on artificial factors in the room, the watch will still warn of global changes in the weather. The optimal distance for time and weather projection is 1-1.5 meters. The projection will be constant when the clock is running from the power supply, and when running on batteries, the projection together with the backlight will turn on when you press the corresponding key.



  • Movement: electronic, digital
  • Time Format: 12/24h
  • Clock accuracy: +/- 30 sec/month
  • Alarm clock with snooze function

Weather forecast:

  • Weather forecast for 8-16 hours (the display shows the weather, which is predicted to be established in 8-16 hours)
  • Symbolic weather forecast. The display shows icons (clear, partly cloudy, overcast, raining)
  • Important: The weather forecast is based on readings from indoor humidity and indoor temperature sensors, and largely depends on whether heaters, air conditioners, humidifiers are operating in the room, and whether windows are open, etc. Therefore, the weather forecast can only be taken into account in the form of additional information to the main forecast of the hydrometeorological center.

Comfort level:

  • A complex indicator that measures the ratio of internal temperature and air humidity and displays the climatic level of comfort in the room. Displayed as three different icons:
  • Comfortable climate: humidity is in the range of 40% - 70%, temperature is in the range of +20 - +25°C (smiling icons)
  • Dry climate: humidity less than 40%, temperature is at any level (icons with a neutral emoticon)
  • Humid climate: humidity above 70%, temperature is at any level (to icons with a sad smiley face)
  • Unsatisfactory climate: humidity is outside the range of 40% - 70%, temperature is outside the range of +20 - +25°C (icons are not displayed)

Room temperature:

  • Units: ºС/°F
  • Measurement range: +0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F)
  • Measurement resolution: 0.1°C
  • Measurement accuracy: +/- 1C°
  • Registration and display of minimum and maximum temperatures
  • Temperature trend over the last 12 hours as a graph

Humidity in the room:

  • Units: %RH
  • Measuring range: 20% to 99%
  • Measurement resolution: 1%
  • Measurement accuracy: +/-5%
  • Registration and display of the minimum and maximum humidity values


  • Display: date / month / day of the week in English
  • Calendar extended until 2099

Characteristics and equipment:


  • Dial size: 100x34mm;
  • Display Color: Black;
  • Backlight: LED, white, blue, pink (each sector has its own backlight)

  • Constant backlighting of the display when operating from the power supply.

  • When running on batteries, the backlight is forcibly turned on for 5 seconds.

Time projection

  • Permanent projection on a wall, ceiling or any other surface when connected to the mains
  • Short-term forced projection (5 seconds) on a wall, ceiling or any other surface when running on batteries
  • Time projection, weather forecast projection
  • Projection color: red.
  • Optimal distance to the projection surface: 1-1.5 meters
  • Projection orientation: smooth 180° horizontal rotation
  • Height of projection digits at a distance of 2 meters: 15 cm
  • Projection brightness: the projection is clearly visible in complete or partial darkness, it is also visible in the daytime, but at the same time it does not irritate with a glow

Additional characteristics:

  • Body material: plastic
  • Hidden control buttons located under the detachable stand
  • Installation: on the table
  • Body color: Black (black)


  • Clock: power supply: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Clock: AAA batteries (LR03) 1.5V x 2 pcs


  • Watch
  • Power supply (wire length 1.55 m)
  • Removable stand
  • Batteries AAA (R03) 1.5V x 2 pcs
  • Instruction in Ukrainian

Dimensions and weight:

  • Dimensions of watches without packaging, mm: 142x116x65
  • Packed dimensions, mm: 156x128x97
  • Watch weight without packaging, kg: 0.235
  • Packed weight, kg: 0.310

Warranty period: 1 year

Manufacturer: Technoline (Germany)

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