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Dermatologists claim that after 20 years, the skin begins to age, losing elasticity and firmness. And already after 25 years, it is simply necessary to start using special anti-aging products aimed at the first wrinkles. The latter appear due to the fact that the production of important collagen and hyaluronic acid, which play a great role in the elasticity and good hydration of the skin, decreases. In addition, our lifestyle begins to affect the skin - love of sunbathing, stress, bad habits and insufficient hydration.

The first wrinkles are thin, barely noticeable lines , but if you do not pay proper attention to them, they quickly deepen and become fixed.
It is necessary to take care of skin with the first signs of aging with the help of special products, which were tested by the Feelgood editors and are now happy to share their experience.
AntarctilynePlump 3 ™ cream was used for the face , created to maintain the necessary level of collagen in the skin, stimulate its production and protect it from destruction.
Active components of the product: Trylagen ™ (Trilagen) is a trifunctional component consisting of active peptides and proteins that contribute to solving problems at each of the three stages of collagen life (synthesis, formation and protection from destruction) and is aimed at the effective restoration of collagen levels, as in both young and mature skin.

According to the instructions, the tool :
- Increases collagen for skin elasticity
- Retains collagen to achieve permanently smooth skin
- Prevents collagen loss for a long-lasting effect
- The cream was used for three weeks, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Conclusions :
- The texture of the product is light, the cream is completely absorbed, without leaving oily separations and lumps on the face.
- Suitable for use in winter because it protects the skin well from frost and wind.
- Does not conflict with make-up, serves as a good base for tonal products.
- After using the product, the skin becomes noticeably moisturized, elastic, fresh and smooth.
- Visible mimic wrinkles on the forehead became less deep, small wrinkles near the mouth also smoothed out.

Eyesmooth™ cream (Eyesmus) was used to care for the skin around the eyes, created specifically for losing elasticity, insufficiently moisturized skin, on which the first wrinkles appeared.
Active components of the product: Matrixyl 3000 (Matrixyl 3000), which contains 2 matrix peptides (proteins), which jointly direct their effect on the restoration of skin prone to age-related changes.

According to the instructions, the tool :
- Provides a permanent tightening of the skin, helping to strengthen and moisturize it
- reduces the depth of wrinkles around the eyes
- improves the relief of the skin, increasing its tone
- The cream was used for three weeks, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Conclusions :
- The texture of the product is dense, but not heavy. It is easily rubbed into the skin with the fingers and completely absorbed.
- The cream has a light brightening effect and, thanks to this, the skin around the eyes seems refreshed already after application.
- The cream moisturizes well and tones the skin.
- Already after a week of using Eyesmooth™, the skin really became smoother, the dryness disappeared and some "crow's feet" that were barely visible disappeared.
- During the active use of a series of creams from SkinDoctors, the skin of the face has noticeably changed. She became elastic, moisturized, wrinkles around the eyes smoothed out, dark circles disappeared. I was satisfied with SkinDoctors FeelGood products!

According to the materials of the magazine feelgood.UA

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