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Vanguard Endeavor ED 10x42 WP binoculars (Endeavor ED 1042)


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The Vanguard Endeavor series of optical instruments always symbolizes the desire to create the most innovative products in their field at the most competitive price. And the Vanguard Endeavor ED 10x42 WP binoculars make it possible to appreciate how great this desire was, and how successful the implementation was.

Due to the fact that Vanguard Endeavor ED 10x42 WP lenses use low-dispersion ED glasses with proprietary Advanced MultiGuard® Coatings , the prisms have phase correction and highly reflective V-Max silver coating, and the magnesium body is sealed according to the IPX7 protection class and filled nitrogen, then, of course, the excellent light transmission properties, accurate color rendering, high resolution and contrast of the image, as well as waterproofness, shock resistance and protection against condensation of this model are beyond doubt.

But perhaps the main distinguishing feature of all Vanguard products is the genuine pleasure you get from using them. And Vanguard Endeavor ED 10x42 WP binoculars are no exception. The quality of assembly, selected materials, precision of mechanical components and convenience of accessories can be appreciated from the first acquaintance with the binoculars. The two-hinged construction of the case with an open bridge deserves special attention. Such a solution, of course, increases the rigidity of the entire body. But this is not the main thing. It is only necessary to pick up binoculars with an open bridge once in order to feel the convenience of its use and the advantages of such a design.

This model can be recommended as a universal pair of binoculars, which, thanks to the class of optics and excellent performance, will be appropriate both for hunting, and during a sea trip, and for traveling abroad, and will definitely be indispensable for those who like to observe nature.

For two years in a row, this binocular was recognized as the best in the Best Value For Money Binocular nomination by the authoritative online publication BBR (Best Binoculars Reviews). The model turned out to be so successful that after a decade these binoculars have practically no competitors in their price category.

ED Glass . Glass with ultra-low dispersion (Extra low dispersion glass) is used in the lenses of premium-class optical devices, and is intended for the correction of chromatic aberration (color distortion), which occurs as a result of light scattering when the light flux passes through the lens system. The index of refraction of light by low-dispersion glasses is insignificant, all waves of the light spectrum passing through ED-glass are refracted at the same angle. Thanks to this property, low-dispersion glasses practically do not scatter light, maintaining high image resolution and correct color rendering.

Advanced MultiGuard® Coatings . Seven layers of the most technologically illuminating coating are applied to each optical surface. The coating provides a high level of light transmission of the optical system and unsurpassed natural color reproduction. The additional layer of Emerald Coating is designed to enhance green tones, which is especially useful for flora watchers, as it provides saturation and naturalness of green in the shadows, and excellent brightness of the image as a whole.

BAK4 Prism . Significant light losses in a rotating prism system occur regardless of its design. The use of optical glass BAK4 (barite crown) with a higher refractive index allows you to minimize light loss, and to a large extent avoid vignetting (darkening of the image due to the cutting of the light beam on the periphery of the eyepiece lenses).

P2 Phase Correction. The application of a multi-layer phase-correcting prism coating is today the standard for high-quality binoculars with a rotating Roof prism design. When passing through such a prism system, light is reflected from the opposite sides of the prism, polarized, and there is a shift of half the phase of the light wave, which entails a loss of contrast. The thinnest phase-correcting coating, applied to one of the surfaces of the prism, combines the phases, providing high resolution and contrast of the image.

V-Max Silver Coating. The multi-layer highly reflective coating is used exclusively in optical devices with a rotating prism structure of the Roof of the Schmidt-Pehan system. One of the surfaces of the Roof prism system does not have complete internal reflection. It is on this surface that a reflective coating must be applied. V-Max silver coating, unlike aluminum, reflects up to 98% of light in the entire visible range and provides high light transmission capacity, natural color rendering, and is used exclusively in premium optics.

Waterproof & fogproof. These binoculars have an IPX7 moisture protection class and are also protected against the formation of internal condensation. The case is sealed with a rubber sealing O-ring, which allows the binoculars to stay under water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter without letting moisture inside. From the internal volume of the case, the air and water vapor contained in it are displaced by nitrogen N2, which does not form condensate on the internal surfaces of the optics at a sharp temperature drop.

Large field of view . Convenience, efficiency and exciting impressions of observing through binoculars largely depend on the field of view (angle of view) of the optical device. The larger the field of view (the wider the angle of view), the more space comes into view. The field of view of these binoculars is much higher than the average indicators of similar models and refers these binoculars to premium-class optical devices.

Outstanding near focus. Most users use binoculars only to observe distant objects. But not everyone knows that the best models of binoculars provide significant opportunities for macro observations. The minimum focusing distance (focusing limit) of this model is only 2.5 meters, which allows you to view flowers and insects in their real habitat. Binoculars with a minimum focusing limit of up to 2.5 meters are premium optical devices.

Magnesium Alloy Body. Magnesium in various alloys is widely used for the production of various products with high operational properties. The ratio of specific weight to strength makes magnesium alloy an almost unbeatable material for the manufacture of super-strong cases of optical devices. Optics in such cases will have a longer service life.

ight locking diopter. Each user usually uses the diopter correction mechanism only once when adjusting the binoculars to the specifics of their vision. However, every time you extend the frames of the glasses, there is a possibility of shifting the settings and losing the sharpness of the image. The lock-lock of the diopter correction mechanism on the right eyepiece prevents accidental displacement of the settings. Thus, with repeated use, the binoculars will require a minimum of adjustments, and you will not lose any important detail during observations.

3 Stage Eyecups. Correctly designed eyeglass frames not only increase comfort during long-term observations, but, first of all, allow users with different anatomical structures of the eyes, as well as users with glasses, to use binoculars with equal ease. These binoculars use rather soft retractable frames of Twist-Up type glasses, which have 3 levels of fixation.

Tripod mountable. Despite the fact that in most cases observations are carried out with binoculars in hand, there are situations when installation on a tripod is simply necessary. High magnifications, observation for a long time, or shooting on a smartphone camera with binoculars require the stability of the optical device. This model has two threads for attaching a tripod adapter, located under the caps in the front and far hinge.

Optical characteristics:

  • Magnification: 10x
  • Lens diameter, mm: 42
  • The size of the exit pupil, mm: 4.2
  • Departure of the exit pupil, mm: 16.5
  • Light power: 17.64
  • Twilight factor: 20.49
  • Minimum focusing distance, m: 2.5
  • Field of view, m / 1000 m: 114
  • Angular field of vision, °: 6.5
  • Adjustment of the interpupillary distance, mm: 56-74
  • Diopter correction: +4/-4

Design features:

  • Optical design: rotating Roof prism
  • Lenses: ED lenses made of glass with ultra-low dispersion and full multilayer transparency Advanced MultiGuard® Coatings (Fully Multi coated)
  • Arrangement of optical elements: objective - 3 lenses in 2 groups, eyepiece - 5 lenses in 3 groups
  • Prisms: BAK4 with phase correction coating and reflective silver coating
  • Water resistance: 100% waterproof case
  • Protection against fogging: thanks to the tightness and filling of the case with nitrogen
  • Focusing: central
  • The locking lock of the diopter correction mechanism
  • Body: Open Hinge bridge, magnesium alloy with profiled anti-slip rubber coating
  • Swivel-retractable Twist-Up eyeglass frames with three fixed positions
  • The protective covers of the lenses are attached to the straps, which prevent their loss
  • The possibility of attaching the tripod adapter in two positions

Complete set:

  • Binoculars: body color - black
  • Protective covers for glasses and lenses
  • Wide neoprene neck strap
  • Soft case on the lock with a pocket for storage and transportation
  • Napkins for wiping optics

Overall dimensions:

  • Dimensions without packaging, mm: 154x130x65
  • Dimensions in the package, mm: 220x160x79
  • Weight without packaging, kg: 0.730
  • Packaged weight, kg: 1.115

Warranty period: 10 years

Manufacturer: Vanguard (USA)

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