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Anti-varicose underwear


The innovative SCALA anti-cellulite underwear technology has become a real breakthrough in the fight against "orange peel".
Clinical studies have shown amazing results: with daily use of SCALA corrective underwear for one month, the surface of the skin on problem areas is visibly smoothed, cellulite disappears, and the volume of the waist, hips and buttocks is reduced by 4-10 cm!

The secret of Scala is the action of Active Biocrystals woven into the very structure of the fiber.

Active biocrystals are derivatives of bioceramics, which are crushed to the nano level at high temperature and embedded deep into the tissue fiber using a special technology. Interacting with the surface of the skin, biocrystals absorb body heat (36.6 degrees), activate, and transform it into far-range infrared rays (waves over 5 microns). They are like a sponge that can no longer absorb moisture, they give this heat back to the cell, thereby stimulating cellular metabolism.

Despite the fact that doctors and scientists have long known about the health benefits of infrared radiation, they are still beginning to reveal its real potential for the human body. Infrared rays are widely used in modern medicine. At a normal temperature of 36 degrees, the human body emits infrared waves in the range of 9 ~ 10 microns. The polymer matrix with Bio Crystals acts as a catalyst of FIR (long-wave infrared radiation), converting it into the range of 4 ~ 14 microns, preserving all the properties necessary to remove water clusters from the body. FIR promotes the removal of toxins from the body. Infrared rays, unlike microwave and UV radiation, are completely harmless, moreover, when interacting with the biological waves of our body, they provoke biostimulation - penetrating deep into the body, tissues and muscles. It is the energy of infrared rays that is best absorbed by the human body. This is the "native" range of radiation for humans, and our body readily responds to such heat, easily and quickly spreading it throughout the body.

Detoxification of the body occurs under the influence of infrared rays. The modern world surrounds us with toxic substances, chemicals and other pollutants that are absorbed and stored in our bodies. He has to make great efforts to remove these substances. Infrared radiation can neutralize toxins in fatty tissues and cells. When IR rays hit the human body, water molecules react first on a chemical level (as you know, our body consists of 70% water). Activated molecules resuscitate cells and stimulate blood circulation, which ultimately cannot affect the metabolism, because the oxygen saturation of the body's cells improves. Fats are broken down and the level of acidity decreases.

Infrared technology is one of the best forms of removing toxins from our body, which with constant use cleans fat cells and makes them work at an optimal level.

Under the influence of infrared rays, nitric oxide is also emitted, thereby improving blood circulation at the cellular level. Nitric oxide, being a very strong vasodilator, reduces excess fluid in the cell, provides lymphatic drainage, relieves puffiness, smooths the skin, promotes weight loss and relieves muscle pain during sports.

Infrared radiation, which biocrystals return deep into the cell, allows you to speed up metabolism and fight obesity. Such deep penetration (2-3 cm deep) creates a strong warming effect inside tissues, organs and muscles, to which the body reacts by accelerating metabolism. Food turns into energy faster, which allows the body to burn it with the help of heat. With a slowed metabolism, energy is stored in fatty tissues, which, in the absence of diet and exercise, contributes to weight gain.

A list of problems and diseases that can be eliminated by regular use of far infrared radiation that penetrates deeply into the human body, i.e. warms him deeply:

• High / low blood pressure
• Violation of blood circulation
• Problems of excess weight
• Sleep disturbances
• Rheumatism and arthritis
• Skin burns
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Inflammation of the joints
• Convulsions
• Kidney failure
• Cellulite
• Back pain
• Cleansing the body of toxins and impurities
• Chronic muscle pain
• Stomach pain
• Stress
• Bronchitis
• Indigestion
• Improving the body
• Asthma


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