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Water analysis is a necessary condition for determining the type of cleaning equipment. Many people, out of habit, evaluate the quality of water "by eye" or based on the recommendations of their neighbors. Practice shows that water in wells at a distance of even 5 meters from each other is exposed, and many people buy completely unnecessary equipment, and unscrupulous equipment sellers sell it to them.

Our company policy excludes the possibility of selling unnecessary equipment. We only offer equipment that meets the customer's needs as much as possible, and the main factor in determining one or another type of equipment is water analysis.

The analysis is performed according to 17 indicators.


At least 1.5 liters are required for water analysis.

The cost of the analysis is UAH 300.


The deadline is 24-48 hours.

Water for analysis is accepted only on working days!

Recommendations for taking water for analysis. For a complete analysis, at least 1.5 liters of water is required. Water can be delivered in a plastic or glass bottle from under the canteen, not mineral or sweet, namely the canteen. Before collecting, it is necessary to drain the water for 10 minutes. Water should be collected in such a way that there is no air left in the bottle, i.e. the cap should be twisted directly under the stream of water.

List of indicators and their norms.

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