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Declare Moisture 24h Effect Ampoule 24-hour moisturizing concentrate for dry facial skin
1x2.5 мл
  • Floor: feminine
  • Volume: 2.5 ml
  • Purpose: Hydration
  • Age: 20+

Declare Hydro Balance Moisture 24h Effect Ampoule (543)

Article: 6836
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Declare intensive lifting concentrate
1x2.5 мл
  • Volume: 2.5 ml
  • Line: Vital balance
  • Purpose: Withering
  • Age: 31+
  • Usage area: face

Declare Vital Balance Intense Lifting Effect Ampoule (545)

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10x10 мл
1x10 мл
  • Floor: feminine
  • Volume: 10 ml
  • Line: LIPOSTOP
  • Purpose: Anti-cellulite
  • Age: 18+

Dermophisiologique Lipostop 10 ml (0566)

Ampoule concentrates for the face are an innovative skin care product that allows you to achieve the maximum result in a short time. They contain powerful active ingredients that help restore and rejuvenate the skin.


🌺 Instant effect: Ampoule concentrates have a powerful effect and provide an instant effect. The skin becomes more elastic, smooth and moisturized.

🌺 Intensive care: Ampoule concentrates contain a large number of useful components that intensively nourish and moisturize the skin of the face. They help restore the skin and give it a healthy look.

🌺 Concentrated formula: The concentrated formula of the ampoule concentrates contains the most powerful active components that ensure maximum skin care results.

🌺 Saving time: Ampoule concentrates have a concentrated formula, so to achieve the maximum effect, you need to use them less than ordinary cosmetics. This allows you to save time and money on the purchase of new equipment.

🌺 Versatility: Ampoule concentrates are suitable for all skin types and have a variety of properties, from evening the tone to fighting the signs of aging.

Today, ampoule concentrates for the face are very popular in the world of beauty. These tools have many advantages, such as efficiency, speed of results, concentration and ease of use. They contain a high concentration of active components that provide a quick and noticeable effect.

Ampoule concentrates for the face have a wide range of effects: they can moisturize, nourish, soften, soothe, tighten and tone the skin. They also help fight wrinkles, strengthen capillaries and improve blood microcirculation.

Every woman should have in the arsenal of her cosmetic bag an ampoule concentrate for the face that corresponds to her skin type and problems. The choice depends on what effect is needed: moisturizing, nourishing, rejuvenating, tightening, calming, etc.

Application of the ampoule concentrate is very simple: it should be applied to cleansed facial skin, distributed with light massage movements and left for a few minutes until it is completely absorbed. After that, you can apply a regular cream or face mask. It is recommended to use the ampoule concentrate no more than twice a week.

When choosing an ampoule concentrate for the face, you should pay attention to the composition of the product and choose the one that contains the necessary components for your skin.