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AF-salt Tablet salt (25 kg each)

Article: 5156

Tableted salt (NaCl) is intended for regeneration of ion-exchange resins in water softening plants. Thanks to the special treatment, the high quality of the cleaning and the special shape of the salt tablets, the salt is optimally contacted with water and evenly dissolved. Tablets are molded from high quality food salt "Extra" (~99.9% NaCl).

In the process of water softening, calcium and magnesium salts, which determine hardness, are exchanged on ion-exchange resins for sodium salts, which are highly soluble in water and do not form scale on heated elements. When the ion-exchange resin is saturated with hardness ions, it is regenerated with a saline solution. During regeneration, sodium ions from the brine displace calcium and magnesium ions, which are removed to the drain, thereby restoring the performance of the resin.

The use of tableted salt has a number of significant advantages over regular table salt:

• Tableted salt has a much larger surface area than the same amount of regular table salt by weight. Due to this, its dissolution occurs faster compared to ordinary salt;
• due to the “melting effect” of the salt tablet, no insoluble sediment is formed in the salt receiving tank, which can lead to equipment failure;
• salt tablets in water of the same hardness dissolve evenly until the regenerating solution is saturated, which makes it possible to get rid of additional mixing manually or mechanically.

The tablets are packed in polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner of 25 kg.

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